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Find out more about the different types of PPC that your brand can benefit from

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PPC Service

In a nutshell, pay per click means that every time a user clicks on an advertisement, a sum of money is paid to the website that’s hosting it. Sometimes they appear as sponsored ads at the top of the search results page or as banner ads on other websites. Find out more about the different types of PPC that your brand can benefit from.

Display Ads

Intuitive search engines are able to gather what users are interested in as they browse the net and can show them ads of brands that they are most likely to click on. At GR Imagine, we create compelling advertisements and place them with search engines with appropriate geographic and contextual tags to ensure that the right target audience sees them at the appropriate time.

Search Ads

According to research, users are most likely to notice and click on paid search ads because they are less of an interference and more of an assistance to the user. Understandably, when a person searches for ‘new sneakers’ and Amazon listings pop up, they don’t mind clicking on them as these ads are actively solving their problem.


Have you ever noticed that after searching for flight tickets on a travel website, display ads for that site with your specific travel itinerary appear when you’re browsing on other websites? Well, that’s not the internet reading your mind but a handy marketing tool called remarketing. It reminds users of the site they just interacted with, in this case the travel website, and motivates them to come back for more.


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