Umbraco 7 – The Friendliest CMS

Date 30 Jun 2017
Posted in Web Development

Umbraco describes itself as the friendly CMS. Now with Umbraco 7’s latest updates it’s going to be the developer’s new best friend. With in-built frameworks and templates, it cuts down development efforts and saves you a whole lot of time. Here are some key new features you just need to know about Umbraco 7.

Create a new content Item

Making a new content item involved many steps in the earlier version of Umbraco. Now all you need to do is the click the node in which you want to create a new content item. It will then give you options for the kind of item you want to select thanks to the inbuilt templates.

Multiple media picker

Umbraco 7 has created a new data type called ‘Multiple Media Picker’ that allows us to select, drag and drop multiple images simultaneously. Even sorting the images post uploading is far easier. And it’s not just about the images. Upload videos, insert Youtube Links without any hassle or need for technical knowledge.


The new search functionality makes the life of the admin-user so much easier. All he or she needs to do is, type the key word into the search bar and behold all the results across the content and its sections. Pick what you’re looking for and start working on it. It’s really that simple.

List View

The tree view gives you an overall sense of the hierarchy of the content items. But with every additional content item, the tree becomes longer and less manageable. Enter, list view. The list view maintains the hierarchy but changes the perspective with which you see it. And in the list view you can create new items, sort, search, publish, unpublish and delete.

Grid Data Types

The set up is so straight forward with the help of pre-conceived grid-data types, that the editor can add ‘content blocks’ without worrying about affecting the overall design layout. In this way you can also preview how the front-end will look.

Responsive Review

Preview the way your site will look across every device – mobile, desktop and tablets so you can make the right adjustments and ensure your site is optimised for each of your end users.

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