Top 7 Digital Marketing Trends in 2017

Date 09 Jun 2017
Posted in Digital Marketing

Today, each and every Internet user is aware of the strengths and potential of digital marketing. Its instant reach and real-time feedback allows you to figure out exactly which promotional strategies are working for your brand. So if you’re a marketer, it’s time you took advantage of the newest trends in digital marketing.

1. Letting Data Decide Your Next Move.

In 2017, there will be a rise in high-tech and refined data analytics programs for each platform leading to better insights and more effect advertising.

In fact, the industry is getting so data driven that, programmatic advertising (i.e. using fully-automated systems to buy media and advertise) is on the rise.

Use your data wisely.

2. Say Hello to Social E-commerce

Social media is where your friends, family, acquaintances virtually hang out.  Then why shouldn’t e-sellers casually entice you with products on the same network? Facebook, Twitter &Instagram are already creating smooth e-market experiences on their own website, making it even more effortless for users to purchase your product.

3. Original Content Is Hard to Replace

Credible, high quality content will always be trending on each such list. Investing in good content creators, photographers, gif-makers and animators will help convey the brand’s message in a fluid and dynamic way. Marketing teams are already coming out with webinars and case studies to create sales-enabled content.

4. Virtual Reality To Make Real Sales

Pokèmon Go generated for its makers 10 million dollars a day. Of course, VR is still not a fully developed experience yet, but it will soon get there. With more users adopting the technology, brands will follow with VR/AR games, content, contests, advertisements and apps.

5. Chat Bots are here to chase away your troubles

Chat bots have a come a long way since Microsoft Word’s Clippy. Today, they are more sophisticated and efficient. They guide the users through any issue they might face or to tell help them browse around. No wonder then, more and more companies are opting for this level of one-to-one communication and personalization.

6. Live Videos for Right here, Right Now

Live Videos are a great engagement gimmick. A live video is three-times more popular than a regular video in the same time frame. Marketers are already exploiting its benefits on Facebook, but platforms like Periscope and Meerkat will also gain prominence for their streaming features.

7. Smart-marketing for the smart-phone

Mobile Advertising Revenue grew 89% percent in the last year. With smart phones and smarter apps, marketers have to pay attention to the mobile optimization of their advertisements and applications. More people access information on their phones than their desktops.

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