Technical SEO: The Foundation of Your Website

Date 05 Sep 2017
Posted in SEO


Technical SEO may sound like it’s something that is only applicable to likes of hard-core coders, but it really is simple to understand and important to know if you have anything to do with your brand’s website. Usually there is the On-page SEO (i.e. content along with page optimisation) and off-page SEO (i.e. the links between other websites); technical SEO is partly a combination of the two SEOs and considered to be the solid foundation on which you build your site.

Search engines are constantly evolving so the SEOs have to keep up. Because of this unceasing effort to get the most accurate results for users, Technical SEO is also a never-ending exercise. Its main goal is to fulfil each search engine requirement to improve crawling. That takes constant website improvements, but GR Imagine’s SEO team has simplified it to give you an idea of few things you can do to get off to a great ‘technical’ start for SEO Services.

Optimize Website Loading Speed
The longer it takes for your website to load, the harder it gets to keep a visitor hooked. Many studies have confirmed that because of this, it has become one of the most important SEO ranking factors. There are many ways to ensure faster loading speed. Firstly, keep an eye on your templates. They should be simple and minimalistic. Whenever you add more plugins and widgets, the heavier your site gets. Try and maintain the balance between elements to optimise speed. Secondly, optimise your visuals. JPGs work for images and PNGs are good for graphics. Once you know the right format, you will not waste space on it. Thirdly, limit your redirects. Don’t have many unnecessary links from a page. This will only slow down your speed. And lastly, leverage your browser cache. The cache stores resources of a website, the first time it’s ever loaded. This helps optimise speeds later.

Become Smartphone-ready
Google has already made it clear that the desktop era is fast fading away. A website has to be optimised for mobile. This is a major ranking factor, because with newer technology all search engines are aware that most people browse the Internet through the phone. Want to know how well your site does on mobile? You can test it out on Google’s mobile-friendliness tool. Be smart and smart-phone ready.

Build Great Site Architecture
Any builder knows the importance of a good architect. Architecture dictates everything on a site. In fact, in a building you can make out when bad architecture reduces user-friendliness. Similarly, getting your website architecture right is crucial. Although there are a ton of things to get it right, here are some basic examples of how you can enhance it. Simply choose the more secure hypertext transfer protocol, https. We’ve done a whole post about how it will optimise SEO for you here. Additionally, you can enhance the visitor’s orientation of a site, by presenting a visual and transparent website navigation. Another way of ensuring this is to make the URL links more understandable for a lay-user.

EstablishInternal Links
By establishing a network of links within your website, you can increase the visibility of older posts or articles that still maybe relevant in the current scenario. This way your older posts will still be of use and the user can continue to stay on your website for the needed information. A good structure of internal links should look like a pyramid, and eventually lead to a boost in SEO.

Get Structured Data Mark Up
Structured data or rich snippet is a handy SEO enhancement feature for websites that can immediately address a person’s concern. You must have already seen these rich snippets any time you enter a query into the search bar. “Recipe for pizza” will give you a highest ranked rich snippet i.e. a basic recipe for pizza right in the search results. Add this to your code and increase your chances for boosting your rankings.

Get Rid of Duplicate Content
Nobody likes duplicate content, especially a search engine. In fact, to maintain the quality of websites on the browser they are very harsh to ‘spammy’ content. If you find duplicate content on your website, get rid of it immediately.

The above steps are key to kicking off your technical SEO. We constantly provide these services for our clients and would love the opportunity to help you enhance your website’s SEO as well. After all, as digital marketers we want to make the Internet a place for quality exchange of information.

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