Social Media: The Perfect Marketing Tool for Small Businesses

Date 11 Jul 2017
Posted in Social Media

Small businesses and start-ups are taking on traditional conglomerates and companies to revolutionize industries. However, it’s still difficult to compete with the big guys when it comes to traditional advertising like print, TV or direct mailers due to their exorbitant costs.

That’s why social media is the unconventional yet mandatory option for small businesses. With billions of people having social media accounts, chances are you will find your target audience there. And today, having social approval and recommendations by your audience is turning out to be more valuable and effective than placing an ad in the newspaper. We at GR Imagine, have curated few reasons why you have to have market your brand on social media.

Amplified Brand Awareness & Stronger Loyalty

Social media networks are highly connected and are considered trusted vehicles of exchanging information. By penetrating these networks or optimizing your website for social media, a brand can get the attention of entire groups of people. Another advantage is that familiarity tends to breed loyalty. The more they see you, the more likely it is for users to recognize and trust you. If they look for you on the web, and don’t find you, most probably they will move on to the next brand that can immediately serve their needs.

Superior Customer Service

No matter the size of the business, its success rate is highly dependent on how smoothly it can solve a customer’s problem. Social media has become a platform to directly respond to customers facing issues. In fact, your audience resorts to digital platforms to voice their concerns. If there are similar problems being consistently brought up, as a brand you can take a decisive step to solve the issue at hand before it becomes a reason for a larger problem. Once the issue is resolved, the positive impact can reduce the negative publicity those shortcomings may have caused. The key is to be honest, helpful and focused.

Boosted Search Engine Rankings

Search engines today rely heavily on your social media presence in order to rank you in search results. You might have noticed how almost each website today has embedded social media links for users to be able to share or like any content on the page. These are not only crucial to brands so that they can gauge how well their content is performing with their audience, but also give search engines an understanding of how popular they are with their followers, visitors or subscribers. So it’s not enough to only generate good content, you have to make sure the social networks can see it.

Better Understanding of Competition

The constant engagement with followers on social media means that the strategies brands adopt to woo customers or solve any crisis is for each one to see. Why not use this transparent way of building customer relationships to observe and analyze what your competition is also doing. Every major announcement, new deal or update is definitely put up on their social media pages, letting you track their growth strategies. This approach will also give you a sense of what the industry as a whole is up to, letting you decide what is going to be your next step to stand apart.

Improved customer relationships

Other than social media platforms, there is no other media that allows for real-time audio-visual sharing accompanied with two-way dialogues between your brand and multiple customers. Technology is practically the closest thing we have to connecting with the audience in person. Such connection should never be underestimated. Because behind all the astounding numbers of tweets, likes and posts, is crucial information about the customer that will further influence your communication with them. And smoother communications means stronger connections between them and your brand.

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