Google Remarketing Vs Facebook Pixel

Date 21 Jul 2017
Posted in Social Media

Remarketing is when you display ads to your target audience, after they have shown some kind of interest in your product or service online.

It’s a strategy used by many brands. It’s the reason why you see airline tickets of your most preferred destinations advertised on various sites or a new pair of sneakers, which you have been interested in, showing up in your FB newsfeed.

It’s a powerful tool, because the advertiser already knows you are inclined to or in the state of mind to make that particular purchase.

Two of the most common ways to remarket are:
Google Remarketing
Facebook Pixel


Google Remarketing


Facebook Pixel


Across Google’s Powerful Search Engine and other services


Across Facebook and it’s various applications

How it works

By installing on your website a few lines of code aka ‘Google Remarketing Tag’. When a user visits, the page leaves a ‘tagged’ cookie in the browser, which helps target the visitors during a Google Ad campaign


By installing a ‘pixel’ (few lines of code) in your webpage, which sends information to FB, whenever the user is signed in. When you launch a campaign FB, it targets the users that the ‘pixel’ has tagged.

Number of Websites

Leading across the entire web


Leading in Top 10K sites, top 100K sites and Top 1 million sites.

Audience Segmentation

According to the pages they visit, the kind of engagement. Will end up seeing while checking their mail, Youtube etc.


The option to create custom audiences is a major opportunity here, since audiences voluntarily share more about their personal lives on the social network.

Ad Visibility


Ads can be seen as you browse around the net and not only on one website.


The ads are native to FB, so appear within the newsfeed and are hard to miss.

When Should I Use Google Remarketing

If you sell products on the web or offer services that sell generic items like airline tickets, books etc, Google Remarketing will be better, because of its access to the whole web and also its massive purpose of being the go-to site to search for something we may be interested in or want to buy.

When Should I use Facebook Pixel

If you’re a medium to small service provider or a curator of boutique products it may help to get onto Facebook as it is after all a social network and you tend to see what your acquaintances have liked in the past. It’s the perfect word of mouth tool and for someone who’s a fairly new advertiser, this will give the needed credibility.

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