Digital Marketing Trends in 2017

Date 13 Jul 2017
Posted in Digital Marketing


If you have little time to read this post remember the one most important thing – CX or customer experience is going to be the most important trend for the coming year. And if you have more time, then find out how you can focus all your marketing energy in creating your best ever CX this year.

Build Customer Loyalty to Gain More Customers

You want to better your customer acquisition rate? Then give your customers an incentive to choose you. Show them their belief in you matters to them. Build loyalty programs that are too good to move away from.

Customers Want You To Make A Difference To Their Lives

Do you know why there’s a rise in DIY videos or knowledge dispersion? People don’t want to waste time just being entertained, they also want to learn stuff. If you can teach them something new or enhance their lives in some way, you have a customer for life.

Know Your Customer Online and Offline

Your customer will interact with you over various touchpoints online and offline. Ensure you invest in a ‘continuous identity solution’ so you can recognize that customer anywhere and treat them to a personalized experience.

Your Database Is Going To Your Biggest Asset

An intelligent database will give you the power to make appropriate decisions, so that your customer feels like it’s a seamless brand experience for them. Invest early on, in owning your data and collection it from direct sources rather than depending on third-party vendors.

Sharing Your Data is Caring for the Customer

Choosing a partner-brand to share data with will drive scale and even sales. The key is to select a relevant partner where the mutual exchange of information will only delight and convenience the customer. But be careful, the customer should never feel unsafe and insecure about his data.

Are you ready for the future?

Technologies keep evolving and so do your customers. Take steps to future-proof your current identity solutions so that they stay relevant many years from now. You don’t want there to be a break in customer experience.

If you want to find out how you can implement these CX steps, speak to GR Imagine experts for more digital marketing services who will guide you through it all.

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