A Quick Look at the Coolest Web Design Trends for 2017

Date 12 Jun 2017
Posted in Web Design

Minimalistic, inside-the-grid, simplistic websites have worked wonderfully in the past. But that was 2016. In 2017, we have the best of Internet speeds, mobile connectivity and just a lot of fun technology that’s going to make design even more awesome. So lets quickly run through all the cool, new trends for this year so you know how to give your website design a superb makeover.

1) Going Bold with Color

White backgrounds and minimalist themes are just about everywhere. In 2017, go for a splash of color that will make your website stand out. Contrast colors, deep gradients, duotone (two-tone) templates promise to brighten up your browse and leave a lasting impression. And if you still want to go minimalist, we suggest go bold-minimalist!

2) Typefaces that contribute to design

Maybe 2017 is the year to go big and bold. Even typefaces are taking over the screen as a significant word in itself can look like a brilliant design element. Not only do bolder typefaces let the content shine through, but also logically break the website flow according to the story you want to tell.

3) Websites now tell stories

Website designers are using beautiful narratives to tell the story of the brand. Animated text or interactive design elements are preferred over static layouts. The brands are given a more elegant platform, rather than made to look like a page out of a regular textbook.

4) Bring Cinema Back

Cinemagraphs or looped high-quality videos or GIFs add to the new narrative of web design in 2017. Everybody enjoys seeing images over text, and moving images or videos add a whole new fluid dimension to the website. Your brand story or reactions from your current customers can be featured in short clips and one can see how the website can simply come alive.

5) Original art for an original website

Of course you want your website to have it’s own world of original design, and that’s why its become common to see marketers hiring specialized illustrators to add a touch of graphic art, quirky icons and new-age backgrounds. The more distinctive your website the more interesting it’s going to be.

6) SVGs for the win

SVGs or Scalable Vector Graphics are the future of image formats for web-design. These are scalable and vector, so can be stretched as large as possible without increasing size or slowing down the site. Seriously there’s no better way to embrace the visual lan

7) Embracing Superficial Chaos

We are breaking things down in 2017. We’ve broken the conventional grid, typefaces and visuals. This deconstructed way of displaying web elements doesn’t only seem like a breath of fresh air but it also contributes to a logical web flow. All the floating, contrasting elements seem unconnected but once you engage with the website you will see the connections shine through. The complex layouts are rooted in basic design principle, which will not leave the user feeling confused or disoriented. Unpredictable text placement could hamper readability, but if the very theme of the brand (fashion, art, architecture) requires us to find our way through it all then that even such a design element amplifies the theme of the brand.

8) Welcome to the future

Virtual Reality and 360 degree live videos are changing the way we perceive things on the Internet. A lot of websites will adopt these cool new technologies as more users will begin to get comfortable with them. There can be nothing more exciting than transporting the user from his desk and into the virtual world your brand creates.

So there you have it. All cool web design trends waiting to revamp web experiences in 2017!

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