7 Steps to Becoming a Wordpress Expert

Date 22 Jun 2017
Posted in Web Development

Going from becoming a Wordpress user to an expert that clients are willing to pay big bucks for, isn’t going to take you a lifetime. With the willingness to learn and the right attitude, you can easily transform yourself into a Wordpress expert. So to start you off on your new life goal, we’ve put together 8 crucial steps that will not only help you in this exciting journey but also give you a solid plan of action. Are you ready?

1. Learn Wordpress Languages

You can’t be fluent in a language without knowing how to speak it right? In the same way, you need to learn the three basic languages that build Wordpress websites to be able to master it. Wordpress uses HTML5 (the language of the web), along with CSS3 and PHP. HTML5 gives the web page structure, while CSS3 gives it the visual appeal. However, Wordpress uses PHP as the programming language, and if you see a Wordpress code, you will find PHP lies within HTML5. However, don’t be intimidated, even basic knowledge of each language will help you start the process, and you’ll be able to figure your way around Wordpress.

2. Understand JavaScript and Popular Libraries

Web-building platforms like Wordpress rely on third-party libraries for all the functionalities they offer. This way website builders don’t have to start from scratch. Third-party libraries like JavaScript etc, live with the Wordpress files – that is how important they are to the platform. Obviously then, you will need to understand the basics of JavaScript and the other libraries. It will only help you when you are developing your own website.

3. Become a Passionate WordPress User

An expert is first and foremost an avid user of the same thing he or she has expertise in. It's not that counter intuitive if you think about it. When you use something often, you understand an important perspective and that is of a user’s. Once you completely understand it from the outside, can you then begin to see why you do what you do from the inside. Which plugin will benefit a user the most? What problems are there in design? Questioning all of it will send you looking for the answers.

4. Join the Wordpress Network

There are so many individuals from all over the world that want to learn more about this popular website making tool. Some want to share their knowledge and new features they've designed, others want to help budding experts who aren't able to understand some aspects or are stuck somewhere. It's a beautiful utopia of collaboration and creativity. Connecting with other Wordpress professionals will benefit you far more than operating alone.

5. Develop your own theme or plugin

Once you learn a skill, you just have to use it. If you've learnt to write music, you want to write new songs, so if you're learning WordPress, you want to create new stuff with it. If you're interested in the front-end design, try creating a new theme. Or if you like working under the hood, then experiment with a new plug-in. The process of perfecting your new creation will teach you more about Wordpress, than any other tutorial. When you’re seeking knowledge, what you find is more likely to stick with you.

6. Understand your clients

For any successful relationship you need to understand each other. So when a client hires you, it's because they have seen what you are capable of and what you can deliver. Now it's your responsibility to fulfill the promises made, but that doesn't begin with diving in and doing exactly what the client says from the word go. You need to understand them, their business needs and requirements. Creating a brief for yourself with what you have understood, will keep you working in the right direction throughout your time with the client. They are looking for you to be the expert, so act like one.

7. Know the latest developments

One important duty that an expert has is to stay in the know. It's rarely emphasized, but apart from mastering the skills, the ability to track what's going on in your field is as important. If you do so, chances are you will always be ahead of the curve when it comes to ideas and even interactions with clients. You never know when the latest new thing at Wordpress will become the backbone for your new website idea.

We do hope you’re feeling more excited about your Wordpress journey now more than ever. If you have more questions, write to us and we will help you in any way we can. Go ahead and enjoy creating your new Wordpress website.



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