5 Website Design Elements You Need to Pay Attention To

Date 23 Jun 2017
Posted in Web Design

You have a great brand and a wonderful business. But your website isn’t attracting as many customers as you’re hoping for. Your content on the other hand is of good quality, but have you given more thought to these 5 important design elements?

1. Website Loading Time:

3 seconds – If your website doesn’t load in this much amount of time, say goodbye to your visitors.

Nobody likes to wait on the Internet. We live in a time of instant gratification, so if your video is too heavy or your server is slow, chances are no one is going to give you a second chance. Test your load time right now.

2. Design Layout:

Users have a tendency to look at a website in the following two manners:

  • Top row left to right, then left column top to bottom and finally central area
  • Top row left to right, diagonally across to bottom left and finally bottom left to right.

Look at your design and see how your elements are falling into the above reading patterns.

Also note: People prefer lists to paragraphs

3. Color Pallets:

You think it wouldn’t matter but color can play a big role in a site’s performance.

People slightly prefer websites with a darker color scheme than one with a lighter pallet. The highest preference is for the color scheme of green and the least is for the color scheme that throws up more reds.

4. HTML 5:

5 reasons to switch to HTML 5 if you haven’t already:

  • More page views than sites which aren’t on HTML5
  • Easier and faster video and audio embedding
  • All modern and popular browsers support HTML5
  • HTML5 is mobile-ready, and that’s where the internet is heading
  • HTML5 allows users to browse offline through offline application cache

5. Trust:

Did you know that 95% users equate their trust in a company with website design? That’s a lot of users who can either be completely impressed or sadly indifferent if you get your design wrong.

How do you ensure a positive response?

  • Don’t use stock photography
  • Don’t stick to common templates
  • Include links to social media and other relevant/credible sites
  • Showcase work and clients
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