5 Facebook Advertising Mistakes That Cost You More Than What You Pay For

Date 27 Jun 2017
Posted in Social Media


Facebook’s advertising campaigns seem like a viable option for many brands. Since their target audience is already present on the popular social networking site, there are greater chances of their advertisement getting noticed. However, one should not get complacent about the advertisement itself just because it will be seen by a sizeable chunk of the audience. In this post, we list out five Facebook advertising mistakes that can drain your FB spending budget and what you can do about it. 

1. Choosing the wrong type of ad for the campaign

Whether you want to increase brand awareness, generate direct leads, promote app downloads – the ultimate goal of your campaign will make it easier to pick the appropriate ad type. Newsfeed and Right-Column ads can help introduce your brand to your potential customer. Carousel ads that show a multiple number of images in a single ad, can help showcase a variety of items from your e-commerce website. Lead Ads feature a direct download/subscribe call-to-action button that help convert leads for your database. Apart from these, there are event ads, page-like ads, animated ads that directly solve a specific marketing problem. Take your time and choose the appropriate one.

2. Using unsuitable images or adding too much text

As you scroll down your own newsfeed, you will notice there are a multiple number of text and images that continue to appear. Yet, you only stop at the ones that seem more attractive. The others that fail to get your attention usually fall into the following traps:

      a. Not enough light in the image
      b. With too many elements the image seems chaotic
      c. Wrong photo crops, or an ill-fitting picture
      d. Too much text in an image.

Avoid these silly errors to ensure your target audience is actually engaging with the ad and not just glancing through it. The ad image should be bright, clear and interesting, while the message should be crisp, to-the-point and memorable.

3. The headlines are not appealing

Many studies have shown that longer your headline, the lesser percentage of your audience will actually read it. If you are looking for the maximum engagement try and post headlines that are as short as 40 characters in length. But within these characters you have to communicate the benefits clearly. For instance, instead of “XYZ is a handpicked collection of artifacts to brighten up your home” go with “Come home to glamour with handpicked designer décor by XYZ”. The new headline is 49 characters long and clearly states the selling points to the audience. So your current headline may not be wrong but it needs to be fine tuned to match the user’s expectations.

4. Landing Page doesn’t match the Facebook Ad

When you click on a Facebook ad, the landing page is the one you get directed to. If you are showcasing a particular product in the ad, and on clicking the user is directed to an irrelevant homepage there is high probability that he or she will lose interest and go back to scrolling on Facebook. This easily avoidable error can cost you potential customers. Your message or promotion on Facebook should match where you take your user on your site. The more focused that is, the faster it is to seal the deal.

5. Not Testing Variations of your FB Ad

Facebook gives you the opportunity to test variations of your ad with real consumers. You can create multiple versions of your latest ad and see how they perform against each other. However, the variation being tested should include only one change. You can test between two headlines, images and landing page by individually pitting one against the other, while letting every other element remain the same. This way you can find out, which version is working and which one has lesser user engagement. Such control testing will let you decide on the most liked and workable option. 

With these few tips you can maximize the worth of each FB ad you spend on. And if you are completely new to social media, we’ve also put together a great list of 7 social media strategies for Startups. Check the out and step up your social media game.

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