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  • 12 Dec 2017

Rebranding of VIR Pathology

About VIR Pathology

Committed to delivering excellent diagnostic services, VIR pathology has systems that are designed to meet the diverse needs of every client since 30 years. VIR Pathology is a fully automated and computerized laboratory with the most advance technology available.

VIR pathology strives to work for the highest standards of laboratory practice and quality. They meet the standards of accredited organisations by utilizing subspecialty pathologists, trained laboratory professionals, and a dedicated service team to provide excellence in services.

At VIR pathology, they provide diagnosis and prognosis testing services to physicians, nursing homes, companies, various diagnostic centers, insurance companies and walk in patients.


According to the current trends of business, Social Media channels are the life support that keeps the businesses stay upright even in shortcomings. Below stated were the objectives of VIR pathology as a client.

To maintain their presence over major social media platforms such as Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

Social Media branding for VIR pathology.

Design and Building

GR Imagine has developed Social Media Solutions and Print Media solutions for VIR pathology.


Establishing a new company and a new brand is a massive undertaking. Rebranding of VIR pathology has made it possible to open up new opportunities while building on the strengths of the past. Because developing strong brand depends on creating appropriate perception among the stakeholders of the brand.

vir path lab digital marketing

Meet the Team
  • Suman Das - Team Design

    Suman Das

    Team Design
  • Chetna Halai - Digital Marketing

    Chetna Halai

    Digital Marketing
SMO VIR Pathlab
Social Media Solution

In the current trends of marketing, social media marketing is taking over traditional measures.

GR Imagine has handled the social media accounts of VIR pathology as per the digital marketing trends.

Print media
Print Media Solution

While the businesses are diverting to digital solution, print media is still effective in the marketing trends.

GR Imagine has designed Posters and Standees for VIR pathology as per the needs of the brand.

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