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  • 05 Sep 2017

Mechatronik Technologies Pvt Ltd

About brand

Mechatronik Technologies Pvt Ltd, established 7 years ago, is a solution provider catering to the solar needs, and specializes in Solar PV projects execution for commercial, residential as well as the industrial segments. The organisation was formed with a vision to create solar revolution. The company has dealt with various projects in private and government sector being a catalyst to active growth of solar sector.


Mechatronik Technologies Pvt ltd. needed all marketing solutions for its business. GR Imagine designed the website for the business, has handled the social media platforms and also catered to the printing solutions.

Designing and Building

GR Imagine turned out to be one stop solution for Mechatronik Technologies Pvt Ltd. as it sufficed the need of all the 3 solutions required for the business. i.e. Website development, Digital solutions, and Print solutions.


Displaying the services of a company on the website is an important way to attract prospective customers for the business. GR Imagine has sufficed the business needs of Mechatronik Technologies Pvt Limited in the form of Website development, Digital marketing solutions and Print media solutions.

Meet the Team
  • Suman Das - Team Design

    Suman Das

    Team Design
  • Chetna Halai - Digital Marketing

    Chetna Halai

    Digital Marketing
Website Development

GR Imagine designed the website for Mechatronik Technologies Pvt ltd keeping in mind the below requirements:

The concept of device friendly designs was laid emphasize on.

The website is prepared on WordPress platform. i.e the company has the top hand in managing the content on the website.

The products and services of the company were showcased on the website.

Digital Marketing

GR Imagine catered to the digital media solutions of Mechatronik Technologies Pvt ltd

GR Imagine has handled all the Social Media accounts of Mechatronik Technologies Pvt ltd. such as Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Google + etc.

GR Imagine has also designed the creative graphics that were required for the digital marketing purpose of Mechatronik Technologies Pvt ltd.

Print Solutions

Along with designing website and catering to the digital needs of Mechatronik Technologies Pvt ltd, GR Imagine has also designed Print solutions for the company.

GR Imagine designed various forms of print media creatives for the company such as back drop, One side wall stickers for the doors, Stand wall banners, Standing banners, business cards etc for Mechatronik Technologies Pvt ltd.

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