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  • 23 Jul 2018


About the Brand

Gallons is a premium packed drinking water brand, the brand being synonymous to a symbol of goodness and trust.  Today, the brand has become a name that people associate to purity and naturalness.  The brand strongly believes in providing a healthy and a satisfied experience to the customer. The brand empowers the people to move towards building a healthy lifestyle for themselves.


The major objective of Gallons was to have a website in order to market the brand and reach to the customer support. GR Imagine developed a website on similar grounds for the client. Apart from this GR Imagine deals with the digital marketing and printing solutions of the brand.

Designing and Building

With the unfolding of latest technological advancements, business are working had to match up to the pace. Website development, Digital Marketing and Print Media Marketing are various techniques adopted by business to keep up the pace.


GR Imagine developed website for Gallons, and handles the Digital marketing of the brand ensuring result driven interactions. All the three segments were dealt by GR Imagine in a way that would facilitate the interactions with the targeted audience. 

Meet the Team
  • Suman Das - Team Design

    Suman Das

    Team Design
Website Development

Businesses are going digital with their plan of actions, looking at the power that the Digital world enjoys.

Here, the website is prepared with responsive web layout to enhance the user experience.

The businesses have the complete authority to modify the content without taking help from the web agency.

Various animations have been used on the website to make it engaging along with customized graphics for the business. 

Digital Media Marketing

The world is becoming smaller day by day with the increased usage of internet. Major brands have adopted the digital media marketing techniques to expand the reach to its audiences.

GR Imagine handles Social Media handles of Gallons. i.e. Facebook and Instagram.

For the Social Media, GR Imagine has prepared a set of characters that are utilized in framing a story that is posted on social media. These stories are easily relatable to the day to day life of a person as a result of which they can connect to the brand.

Print Solutions

Even though being the oldest forms of marketing, Print Media is one among the most effective marketing measures.   Print graphics is one of the most preferred forms of marketing because it has the highest reach in comparison to that of any other form of media.

GR Imagine has designed various print media creatives for Gallons.

The below stated are the graphic prepared. i.e. product packaging according to the sizes of the products, Badges, Refrigerator Stickers, Banners and Stickers for water dispenser etc.

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