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  • 11 Mar 2018

Binori Group

About the Brand

Binori Group is a real estate company in function since the past 18 years. The real estate company was formed with a vision to craft spaces that would enchant the boost the idea of living a purposeful life. Binari Group has made its presence in the market through various signature projects. The company is involved in construction of major real estate projects ranging from residential apartments, modern commercial properties and luxurious bungalows. The organisation is continuously occupied in the process of expansion and diversification. The professionals associated with the organisation are known for their commitments, developments and timely execution of services along with quality and strength.


The major objective of the Binori Group before the website building was that the website should be prepared keeping in the category in which the firm operated. On the secondary grounds, Binori Group wanted a display of its projects, the accomplished ones as well as the ones in progress that could give a clear picture of the viewers.

Designing and building

Keeping in mind the category of its operation,GR Imagine designed the website for the Binori Group.  The below mentioned functionalities were set up during the designing of the website for Binori Group.

Responsive layout

Responsive layout also known as a device friendly design, is one of the major aspects that was emphasized on while designing the website for Binori Group. Responsive layout is a feature installed in the website, with the help of which the website adjusts itself in accordance with the size of the mobile device. Major studies declared that the majority of the traffic generated on a website is through mobile devices. With the help of this, one can increase the onsite time of the visitor and chances of converting the visitor to potential clients increase.

Display of the Projects

Binori Group wanted to display the set of all the projects that they had undertaken. Along with the accomplished projects they also wanted to display their projects that they were working on. The website is prepared according to the requirements of the client.

Nested Slider Functionality

Binori Group wanted functionality on the website where multiple sliding options were to availed to the viewer in order to enhance the user experience. GR Imagine installed the feature of nested slider on the website, where in there were multiple slides inserted in a single slide on the page. This option will allow the viewer to have a look at the project undertakings easily.


GR Imagine designed a website for Binori Group keeping in mind their operation factors and the other key aspects that they wanted to showcase. The website created by GR Imagine sufficed the needs of the client along with enhancing the user experience.  

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