Binaifer Lifestyle Website Design by GR Imagine

Gr imagine matched my expectations 100%!
Right for understanding my requirements to meeting my design expectations to willingly changing multiple times to finishing up with each minute detail, I was completely satisfied and happy with the end product of my beautiful website
The 100% involvement of Mr Narendra Pindora and the excellent follow up from his team is what impressed me the most

Binaifer Lalkaka
The Client Binaifer's Lifestyle Management - GR Imagine
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  • 06 Apr 2017

Binaifer’s Lifestyle Management Solutions

The Project

Every business now a days wants to reach online and hence we got the task to create the website for Binaifer's Lifestyle Management Solutions. Its an informative website so that the users can know who they are and what the services they provide.

About the client

They are a team of 'professions with a personal touch'! The best INDIVIDUALISED health programs are created and executed with great care for each of their valued clients. Their health coaches are fine tuned with each clients conditions and health requirements! They are capable of training the client with varied health issues to walk towards better health again. They are also as capable of training the fittest client striving to reach higher fitness goals! The BLMS team is lead and trained by Binaifer, a Lifestyle Management Specialist.

Client's Objective

Running a business is easy, but to reach a mass audience, a internet presence is must. They wanted a website that will have all the information about who they are, the services they offer, activities they do and most importantly, a gallery with the pictures of the studio and the various activities. They also wanted to have the testimonial they have received fro their happy customers.

The Result

Analysing the requirement of the project, we came up with the design that best suits the business highlighting the sections that are important for the client. Responsiveness of a website has become a need and definitely can not leave that. Creating a responsive version of the website that gives the mobile users a great experience with a easy and effective flow though out the website.

Meet the Team
  • Suman Das - Team Design

    Suman Das

    Team Design
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