WordPress is taking over the world : Here’s How

Date 11 Aug 2017
Posted in Web Development

WordPress, the most popular CMS in the world, is just about everywhere. You may not think this is a big deal but there are some staggering statistics which will make your eyes go wide!

1) Powers more than 28% of the world's websites
Do you know how many websites there are in the world? Around 172 million! That means almost a third of the entire Internet runs on WordPress. That is too many millions of websites for a single person to go through in a lifetime.

2) Used by nearly 21 million active websites.
That’s not all. In the top million websites it powers over 239,000 websites. In the top 100K websites, it is the basis for over 23,000 websites and in the top 10K it is used by over 2600 websites. Competing CMSs like Joomla, WebEx Panel, Drupal are just too far away from these awe-inspiring numbers.

3) 50 thousands of new websites added daily
This adds up to 409+ million people viewing the pages on a monthly basis along with adding 54.2 million new posts and 49.9 million new comments.

4) WordPress sites receive 19.6 billion monthly pageviews.
That’s just pageviews. Users and visitors are also uploading 24.7 million files to WordPress.com blogs over the month. WordPress should own some massive servers!

5) 72 translations of WordPress already exist
Whether it’s Albanian or Dutch or Hindi, there are 72 translations of WordPress in our world, which contains about 196 countries. That’s a significant number of translations and sums up the popularity of WordPress globally.

6) 47,000 WordPress plugins and more to come
The variety of plugins that WordPress offers is unbelievable. They have offered plugins for every kind of function and purpose that one needs on a website. And 1.5 billion downloads of plugins says a lot.

7) 2.7 million global monthly searches for WordPress on Google
However, this number is only for WordPress as a key word. WordPress related searches like WordPress Templates, Plugins etc receive somewhere between 10 and 100 million global searches a month.

8) WordPress sites around the world publish 24 posts per second.
A blink of an eye and 24 posts have been published on WordPress. Its community is one of the strongest and most loyal in the world.

9) Some of the biggest sites on the web use Wordpress
MTV News, Sony Music, TechCrunch, Facebook Newsroom, The Walt Disney Company, Microsoft News Center among many others.

Do you want to create a new Wordpress web design or upgrade your existing website to this fantastic CMS platform? GR Imagine’s WordPress experts will be able to guide you in the right direction. We already know how happy our clients are with WordPress and now you will know why!

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