Wordpress 4.8: A New Level of Excitement

Date 26 Sep 2017
Posted in Web Development


Don’t we all love WordPress? It’s a well known fact that most of the Internet runs on WordPress sites. That’s why WordPress developers know they are very much in demand and like to stay updated with the latest that WordPress has to offer. Its most current version now offers exciting widgets that will surely make your WordPress development journey smoother and faster. Our WordPress development team at GR Imagine has put together a simple infographic for you to remember the latest widgets and the fastest ways to work them. If you’re new to WordPress these will be doubly helpful as you navigate through this exciting and most popular CMS in the world. All the best!

Image Widget:
Drag and drop widget to the sidebar.
Click on “Add Image”
Select your Image.
Upload it.
Preview it before clicking “Add to Widget”
What you don’t need to do:
No need to use a plug in.
No need to write HTML

Video Widget:
Drag and drop the widget to the sidebar.
Click on “Add Video”
In the pop up, choose a file you want to upload or insert URL.
Note: We recommend you insert the URL from video hosting sites, which will upload a thumbnail of the video and then play content embedded in the host site. This makes your site faster to load.
Once the upload of video or thumbnail is done, click on ‘Add to Widget’.

Audio Widget:
Drag and drop widget to the sidebar.
Click on “Add Audio”
Select your Audio (Supports MP3, OGG & WAV formats)
Upload it.
File will be embedded in an HTML5 audio player.
Preview it before clicking “Add to Widget”

Visual Editor in Text Widget:
Text Widget now comes with Visual Editor Support
Visual Editor is Lighter Version of Editor of Posts
Contains buttons to make text BOLD, Italic, etc.
Add Lists and Links whenever you like
Still Optional. Switch back to original text editor to write your own HTML.

If you want to know more about WordPress and how you can help your business website or further your WordPress development skills feel free to get in touch with our team. And if you’re still not convinced that WordPress is the CMS for you take a look here and decide for yourself!

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