Why Small Business Needs to Hire a Web Design Company?

Date 16 Jul 2019
Posted in Web Design

Even in the year 2018, as much as 40% of all small businesses were yet to get themselves a website. To realize this, you just need to take into account the fact that a whopping 85% of consumers make use of the internet while trying to find a local business. You need to just reflect on your own personal habits to validify this. You regularly Google for products and services that you are interested in. Not only this almost the entire chunk (97%) of net users googling businesses will have a look at the reviews that come with it. What all this means is that by the day it is becoming absolutely essential for a business to have a presence on the web through social media and websites. It also means that your reviews determine the view with which your business is perceived by consumers.

Here are ten top ways even your local business can benefit from web design:

  • Consumers expect your business to have one- This is a reason that by itself warrants a functional website design. Just put yourself in the shoes of a consumer. It is unlikely that you would put your faith not a business that didn’t even have a website. In fact, in the absence of a website in all probability, a large chunk of potential customers are busy checking out your competitors.
  • Serves as social proof- As much as 90% of all consumers profess to be influenced in their purchase decisions by online reviews. Though admittedly you can rely on your review profile on review sites like Yelp and Foursquare for this purpose, having a website helps you meet two objectives with one tool. In this, testimonials of customers that you put up on your website are of great help.
  • You create your business perception- your business website gives you the freedom to have a semblance of control on how to is perceived by the people. While social media channel mentions are beyond that control, having a blog or website facilitates the task of businesses to get their mission, message and personality across to the audience they want to target more swiftly as well as effectively that ads in print or snail mail brochures. Additionally, if you link your social media profiles from your website your content gets a chance of being amplified on social media.
  • Far more affordable- Just think how easy and affordable it is to create a website on a free hosting platform like WordPress.com with which you can reach more potential customers at the cost of sending less than ten snail mail brochures.
  • No technical or coding skills needed- With the kind of community resources and how-to guides available for even free platforms like WordPress, you get a website up and running in less than thirty minutes.
  • Your competitors are out there- It should be kept in mind that the typical buying journey begins with internet research and recommendations from your peers and connections with people on social networks. It is a well-established view testified by studies that consumers begin the task of satisfying their wants or needs by researching about the same. An overwhelming 72% majority of them turn to online resources for more information like reviews, testimonials and educational content. What this basically means is that if you don’t have a website you are only managing to miss out on potential customers.
  • Always be open for customers- Having an e-commerce enabled store for your business means that even shoppers roaming about the wilderness of the internet even in the wee hours of the morning can buy products from your business. Online stores significantly boost your sales partly due to the fact that your customers are no longer by your geographical location. Websites are also pretty much complementary to other business functions marketing campaigns, building relationships with customers, customer service, brand recognition and other revenue stream elements. When used in combination with marketing tools like emails, websites are highly effective at both bringing new and returning customers.
  • Your website will find a place in the search results of Google- When you take in to account the fact that 81% of consumers do research on products they intend to purchase which typically means searching on Google with relevant keywords, having a website means being found on Google by people looking for the product or service you offer. Search Engine Optimization techniques help you gain more visibility before targeted customers looking for what you offer.
  • Staff training resources- Websites are of great use in helping employees for training and reference purposes other than being effective to get more customers. You can do this by creating an orphan page which can only be accessed by someone who has the particular link. This page can be used as a company training and reference centre with videos and forums.
  • Provide additional material about your product or service- With a website not only do you get to present your service or product with details accompanied by suitable images but you can also offer videos and PDFs that can convince people who want more information and are looking for a forward prodding.

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