Why does your blog need more of a visual content?

Date 29 Nov 2018
Posted in Digital Marketing

A picture is worth thousand words. And humans are visual creatures. It is a scientifically proven fact that our brain processes images 60,000 times quickly than the text. This is an important statistics when it comes to bloggers and content makers-this makes it clear that viewers are likely to engage more in the visual content that is attractive and engaging than that in the verbally represented content or information.

Having a blog where you can deliver value to your readers and display the expertise that you own is an essential part of your business. However, there are various websites that fail to retain viewers on their blog or websites. There are lots of tips and tricks that one can learn to engage with the audience. Also there are dozens of reasons why one needs to add more graphics to the blogs of your company. Below mentioned are a few reasons that are of crucial importance.

Higher Engagement:
The move towards the visual content is a tough transition for the blog owners. While one increases the use graphics on the blog, one tends to make the blog look more attractive and engaging. And it is of no doubt that it can draw more eyes and viewers to the content that has been graphically represented. Also there is a research that suggests that articles that have relevant Images or graphics get 94% more page views than those who don’t have attractive graphics or have fewer images or no images.

Highlighting Important Data:
Graphics in blog posts are a good way to highlight the important points in the article. You can highlight the most crucial data of the article though graphical representation. If you intend on attracting your viewers to read a certain information or data, put the information in a mini Infographics other than the blog post. You get assurance of the information getting noticed.

Get more Shares:
Graphically attractive content draws more attention and is more attractive than that of the verbal content. Hence it is bound to attract more views and more shares. Also a research reports suggests that pages that have more graphical content or images tend to have the share rate of about 50% more as compared to the others that don’t have graphical content or images.

Create better post structure:
When one creates graphics for their blog, they pave a new way to achieve a better structure for the blog post. With the visual representation, the content is more organized and tends to be divided into different sections, which give easy representation of information to the viewers. Any blog content that is organized and gives an easy representation of the information in the blog is bound to attract more hence it tends to keep the customers glued to the content.

More Credibility:
Visually represented content and images are said to have more credibility. Also it is said that customers have the tendency to lay trust on the visual content that appears to their eyes. Hence Visually represented content bring in more trust and credibility for the blog or the post. A research study shows that 67% of the consumers take a note of the detailed images than the customer ratings, reviews and product dimensions.

There are various blogs that exist on the internet, but the best are those that provide deliver more than the text content. The best of the blogs enhance the user experience by delivering relevant and qualitative content along with a sprint of graphic design. One can accelerate the amount of views on the blog by using relevant images and graphics. The above mentioned article consists of aspects that one needs to keep in mind while deciding graphic s for your blog post.

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