What is an SEO Audit?

Date 01 Nov 2018
Posted in SEO

A SEO audit can be defined as a process that is used for evaluating the friendliness of the search engine for the website in variety of areas. There are various tools that can be used in order to conduct a SEO audit of a website, but one of the best approaches is to go through a SEO auditor for the purpose.

Follow the below mentioned audit process to mark achievement on the website’s SEO and boost the search on the traffic. Major of the SEO audits are too technical and are time-consuming, but here we have mentioned a process that is easy and can be accomplished in hours.

Securing the Website:

It is always recommended to use ‘https://’ in your website. There are chances of a slight boost in the ranking for the websites that are SSL enable. Also enabling SSL on your website will keep your site secure and thus increase the trust of the viewer and visitors.   

Check your website with SEO crawler:

A SEO crawler will surf the site in ways similar to that of Google. After the process, it will give us some information that is useful in accordance to the structure and current setup of the SEO.

Check of the reason behind your ranking:

Open the homepage o Google and look for your brand name. If your brand ranks first, it is well and good. But if not than it means Google finds some other site that is appropriate of the place. Now the question arises how to bring the website at the top position. The answer to this question is link building. Go through the process of link building in order to improvise on the ranking in the search results.

Perform basic on page SEO checklist:

It is recommended to start the SEO checklist from the homepage followed by other pages on the website. While you perform the basic checklist on SEO, make sure to check Metatags, H1, H2, ALT Text, Social Tag, and Image Optimization.

Check for the duplication in the content:

What can get your website to demote on the grounds of ranking is inappropriate content. Scan your website to find out the duplicated content. More amount of duplicated content will result in your website being crushed by Panda. Also make sure to scan the content that is hidden on the website.

Check for the errors in structured data:

What next you need to do in your audit process is to test the structured data present on the website and to ensure that it is properly built. Below stated are the examples that may benefit from the inclusion of structured data. They include reviews, product information and events.

Make an analysis of Organic Search Traffic:

It is very clear that any SEO audit aims to identify ways in which one can increase the traffic of the particular website. So it is valid to look at what is the performance of the website. One will need to run few reports on the Google Analytics in order to give us a quick overview. And then take necessary steps in order to analyze the current traffic and improvise it step by step.

Find the ranking of the page:

After the analysis of Organic Search Traffic, Google will give you the rate at which you are receiving organic traffic for the search. This will not give you any information about the progress that website will make. Hence you can make use of Ahrefs’ Site Explorer to check the ranking of your website. With the help of this search, you can also analyze the direction in which specific keywords are taking your website, with the help of Organic Keywords Report.

Build your backlink profile:

If you observe the website, then it is quite clear that the number of referring domains show a steady increase. If you observe a downfall then you must look into the reason of why you are losing the backlinks. Backlinks link you with branded anchors. From the perspective of an SEO, links that are branded help to build trust.

Fix the broken links:

If there are broken links and pages on your site, then it will waste the ‘link-equity’. So what you need to do is finding them and fix these issues of broken link and pages in the least possible time. Once you work on this, you will need to make few amendments which will probably be replacing content, redirecting the broken page to a relevant page, or leaving as a 404, i.e. pages with no backlinks. Also you should ensure absence of broken links on your website.

By following the steps mentioned in the article, you have unleashed various changes that you can make in order to improve the ranking of your website. SEO audit tends to be a lengthy process, but it will ensure a kick start to any SEO campaign on your website.

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