Web Trends That are on Fire in 2019

Date 21 Feb 2019
Posted in Web Design

It is really hard to believe but we are heading in the final chapter of the decade. The internet has grown to a wide next level in the decade. We have seen the mobile reign the world of website and digital media with introductions of Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence, and Accelerated Mobile Pages. This technology has brought in a lot of excitement for the users but what we have seen changes in the past decade is its effect on the web designing trends.

The design trends have a seen a lot of creative inputs in the past decade such as Illustrations, Vibrant Color Schemes, Asymmetrical Layouts, and lots of it. But the year 2019 is gonna be the one where we are going to witness 2 sides of the same coin – aesthetics, and technology come together like never before. Gathered here are the few of the web trends that have dominated the past years, and made a mark on the decade.

Serifs on Screen:
We are all aware of the rule that serifs are meant for the prints and sans serifs for the screen. Well, but what are design trends for if they don't shake up the conventions a little bit.

Sans are very clear with high readability and are still set to make a long way in the web designing trends. More and more brands are shifting their focus on using bold serifs in the headers and callouts of their website. The reason behind this is that they were designed to be more decorative making them the perfect choice for websites.

Black-and-White palettes:
Colors are one the most essential elements when it comes to web designing because they tend to build up a certain kind of mood for the person. It can unify a brand in such a way that the customer may relate the color to the brand. It guides users through an interface that is full of visual landmarks. In the year 2019, we are going to see a lot of websites making impressive statements with the black-and-white palettes that they have on their interface.

In absence of color, a person begins to observe the world with a different view. The shapes become clearer and the textures are easy to observe. The world becomes more clear and slower too.
While the white color is clean and reserved, black is strong and opinionated. The combination of these two can help make impressive statements.

Natural and Organic Shapes:
The websites are typically designed t display systematic and well-organized shapes. But today, we witness a lot of designer turning towards the natural shapes and smooth lines. On a website when we use the geometrical shapes, we tend to create a lot of stability on it. But today designers are more concerned with the feeling of the accessibility, connection, and comfort that can relate to their viewer.

Organic shapes are naturally imperfect and asymmetrical, as a result of which they can convey depth through the design and make the elements of the page pop out and easily visible. They relate one to nature and capture the spontaneity of human actions. Because the major goal of the website today is to feel connected to the human and make give a feeling of liveliness and connection to them.

Evolution of Chat-bots:
Chat-bots have been in the focus for a while and are definitely making their way to the 2019. The major of this is due to the advancements in the AI and machine learning, which has made them more efficient and intelligent.

The Chat-bots that we will seeing throughout the year will display a higher level of customization then we have witnessed in the past. The usage of the bright colors will make them look more inviting and engaging. We can also predict that these chat-bots can be given a face of a friendly mascot that can enhance the customization effect.

Much more of a video content:
If you still need to be explained the importance of the video content, then you have arrived too late to decade. Video content for the websites is not something very new. Such type of content not only diversifies your page but also cater to the needs of the audience who does not have much time to read the content but rely on the video content for the major of the information.

Google has taken a new step for the websites that contain any kind of video content when it comes to search results. After this various website tend to give a lot of priority to the video content as they aim to make themselves easily searchable and offer content in the most efficient manners.

So here you have it all. We have laid out all the trends that are going to be on fire in the year 2019. There are many surprises tends that we will witness in the year, but we hope that the above-mentioned information will contribute to your knowledge regarding the same. The year 2019 has much to bring for you, but the effective utilization of all of it relies totally on you.

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