Visual Studio 2017 – New Features We Love

Date 28 Jul 2017
Posted in Web Development

It’s the 20th anniversary of Visual Studio and they are busy giving us developers the best gifts – better performance, faster loading and superior productivity. Yes, the latest version of VS i.e Visual Studio 2017 has coincided with its 20th anniversary and while we love the tons of improvements and enhancements that have come our way, we are giving you a low-down on some of the best new features you have to know about.

Faster you load, quicker you begin

When you’re loading Visual Studio 2017 to begin your work, you don’t need every single feature, extension or project. That’s why VS 2017 allows you to only install the things you need.

Lighter Set-Up
You can see that in the new set up experience, there are three kind of tabs – Workload, Individual Components and Language Packs. Under ‘Workload’, you’ll see groups of installation options that represent common frameworks, languages and platforms. Here you can select the workload you need and start up.
The ‘Individual Components’ tab on the other hand allows you to choose your own components to work with rather than a workload. And if you want to install a particular language pack you can do so under the third tab.

Optimise Start-Up Time
Another way to save time is with the new VS Performance Center which maximizes your IDE start-up time. It shows you a list of extensions and tool windows that can cause for a slower startup, you can then choose which ones you really need at start up.

Shorter Solution Load Time
Solutions have a large number of projects in them, but they too don’t all have to be loaded at start time. You can choose a lightweight solution load, then edit and debug without waiting for VS to load all the projects.

Load Extensions On Demand
You don’t have to load all extensions at start-up. VS has moved them so that you can do it on-demand and save time once again.

Your productivity depends on the right tools

Having convenient features to work with only enhance productivity for a developer and Visual Studio 2017 doesn’t disappoint.

Live Unit Testing
This is a brand new feature of VS 2017 and it constantly runs unit test cases on the code to give you results in real time. There are visual cues that let the developer know if there are any issues, as they type in the code. Glyphs like a green tick (OK) and blue dash (Issue/Code needed) help a developer save time and work more efficiently.

New Navigation Guide
VS helps you make the code more readable by giving vertical guidelines to define loops and nested areas.

Native EditorConfig Support
VS 2017 now comes with EditorConfig Support to apply uniformity in code styles across development. It basically countermands the individual coder’s preferred style of writing code and just converts it to the style that is predefined. This is helpful when developmental projects are divided according to different styles or Oss. This feature will help neutralize any differences saving endless debates on how it should be written.

Migration Tooling
Migrating older .NET Core applications to meet the new system requirements is very easy with VS 2017. A backup folder containing obsolete files or upgrades and a migration log file for reference is usually created along with the solution file, so there is no need to lose productivity over unending inventories of included files or harrowing GUIDs.

Other interesting developments include, the ability to give ‘bug’ feedback online, the new ‘runtoclick’ button that allows you to debug a running code without needing to set temporary break points and a ‘cloud explorer’ where you can access Azure services, databases and resources that you have subscribed to.

Conveniences all around

Go Mobile First
With the rest of the digital world recommending you build Mobile Application first, VS gives you enough support with Xamrin and Apache Cordova to do so.

Sign In to Access All
Once you sign into VS from your microsoft account, you automatically are connected with Office 365, Outlook, Azure making it one seamless account. This also helps you get any new VS updates.

Your VS Whenever and Wherever
The Roaming Extensions Manager on your VS 2017 has the ability to save your favorite or most used extensions, so that no matter where you sign in from they will be available to you.

Connect with GIT
With a native GIT connection VS allows you to publish your projects with GIT repositories.

So there you have it. It’s a long list but there is so much to explore still in the VS 2017. We love that with every new update it just becomes stronger, easier and smarter. Now we can’t wait for the next upgrade. Maybe VS 2018?

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