Tips to drive engagement on Facebook

Date 05 Sep 2018
Posted in Social Media

With the brands running in the race of Digital Marketing and aim to come first, marketers make themselves busy in growing their list of fans and followers. In such cases they ignore the fact of driving support from the audiences. This is known as audience engagement. Brands are driving themselves away from the valuable audience engagement and prefer quantity over quality. They skip this part and are busy gaining followers, under-estimating the importance of engaging their target audiences on the first go.

Any kind of emotional connection between a person and a brand can be termed as engagement. Highly engaged audience tends to be loyal to the brand, they provide revenue to the brand, and also they promote the brand directly or indirectly and demonstrate more of loyalty towards the same. 

Here, when we speak of engagement on Facebook, it refers to any action that someone carries out on a Facebook wall. This includes liking a post, leaving a comment, sharing updates, viewing a link or video etc. Driving customer engagement on Facebook is an important part of any social media marketing strategy. This enables the business to expand its organic reach which in return helps to generate organic traffic on the website.

Let’s have a look at a few tips to drive your Facebook marketing strategy.

Derive the best time to post on Facebook:

The Social media strategy that is adopted by any brand is in order to generate more audience engagement. So first think that a brand need to find is the time where people are mostly available on these platforms. This is the time when they will interact with the updates.

Finding an appropriate time to post will drive a positive impact on audience engagement. Posting at timings where major numbers of people are active on social media helps to generate more number of likes, comments, shares and click through to your website.

Update Valuable Content:

Speaking of Valuable content, it is essential for us to know what a valuable content looks like. Here we recommend you a criteria in which your content needs to fit in, in order to be generate more engagement on Facebook.

  • The content that you publish on your Facebook page should provide answers to the questions of the audience.
  • The content that you publish should answer certain specific problems of the customer and should be tangible in nature.
  • The content should deliver what is promised by the brand. The advice or information that you provide to the audience should give them a step wise solution to their problem.
  • Before publishing the content, the brand needs to check whether the solution process suggested is actually applicable practically or not.

Emphasize on the use of mesmeric visual:

Mesmerizing images tend to attract the human eyes. Also it is a scientific fact that human beings tend to remember visuals rather than textual content. Visual content enriches your update and makes it stand out on the news feed in Facebook. Your audience comprises of creative people and so using visuals will help you attract them.

Adding images to your content is a quick way which will attract more engagement in the form of likes, comments and shares. Various analyses reveal that an image in your content can attract double the amount of engagement to that of other forms.

Consider post length:

Engagement on Facebook is also driven on the basis of the length of the content. The character limit given by Facebook is that of 60000 but it is not necessary to utilize it all. A brand needs to test posts with different lengths and then derive which one works the best for the audience.

Always refer to statistical data before publishing your post. Studies have revealed that lesser the amount of character the more audience engagement on the post. Audience tends to get bored by reading longer content and as a result you lose an audience. So try making content as short as possible and make sure to mention.

Drive traffic to your Facebook page from other sources:

A brand should use other means to divert traffic on its Facebook page. It can use its Facebook link of the page on twitter or Instagram or any other social media so that people are automatically directed to the page. Another option for driving engagement is using the Facebook link on its websites, blogs etc.

 There are various plug-INS that allow you to display your link on some other page that helps you divert traffic on your own website. Those readers who are interested in your content will visit your Facebook page for more content.

Be a part of Facebook groups:

If a brand wants to drive audience engagement, it is necessary that the content should reach more people. The best way to let your content reach to more people is through Facebook groups. So, joining a Facebook group with audiences relevant to you will help your content expand its reach.

The audiences of the groups on Facebook comprises of people who belong to similar industry as yours or among those who look for solutions to the problems of the content addresses. 

Engage your brand with other related brands:

The context of engaging your brand with other related brand does not mean promoting your brands on other pages. This means to look forward to other pages and share content of other brands that is relevant to your audience. The process of engaging your brand with other brands is done with thoughtfulness and is based on the relevancy of the content.

Being tactful in your approach, you can also build a relationship with other brand, able to sign a mutually beneficial content sharing agreement. These will result in a win-win situation for both the brands and will help in engaging audience.


Social Platforms such as Facebook are channels that can attract interaction of the audience with the brand and can help you design content in a way that can meet their current interests. Hence in order to gain engagement on Facebook one needs to cater to the interests of the audience and stay updated with the trends that are on the go in the field of social media services.

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