Tips for Outstanding Digital Illustrations

Date 27 Sep 2019
Posted in Digital Marketing

Colours and themes have definitely their use in making graphics attractive, but an illustration is something that transcends its use as a mere digital décor. They serve to complement the message of the accompanying text when they are considered individually while collectively, they are nothing less than the visual fingerprint of the brand making use of them. If you consider the relationship between content and the illustrations that accompany it deeply, one of the most important things to emerge from the thought is the fact that illustrations provide content with an identity.

Considering its great importance, here are 6 pro tips that let you create relevant illustrations that excel at what they are supposed to do:

  1. Design keeping the user in mind

One of the first things that all good illustrators consider while doing their work is the user. However, this is rarely first touch strikes gold kind of thing. An illustrator requires time to create visually stunning illustrations that the end-user will appreciate as much as the artists himself. The line demarcating a user-centric and a self-centred illustration is thin and requires control, restraint and discipline on part of the artist to achieve. You will do well by practicing drawing basic sketches and add to them artistic details that appeal to your taste besides getting the point across to the user.

  1. Avoid the use of complex symbols in the illustration art

It is imperative that you avoid symbols that are a part of a nuanced language or culture while doing your illustrations. This advice holds special ground when your works are directed towards an audience of a wide demographics like that in India. It is also important that you avoid using colours that might be deemed to be offensive as per the popular perception in the area the illustration is meant for. One of the great tricks in the illustrating world is sufficient background research on the targeted audience. This helps to avoid things with come with negative connotations as well as provides you with sketch ideas that the user will find appealing.

  1. Follow Color Hierarchy and Don’t Use Too Many Colors

Using a colour palette of only two to three colours is one of the great illustration hacks which is not really paid attention to. This sees to it that the illustration highlights the most what it precisely intends to. Such minimalistic palettes will help the viewer understand the illustration hierarchy. Besides illustrations with ample breathing space and few additional elements score high with users. If the end result is far too empty for your liking, you can always add accented style through the use of light background or foreground elements. But always keep in your mind the thumb rule of illustrations- less is more.

  1. Make use of grids when you are composing and illustration

The grid is something that is of great use in all things artistic irrespective of it be photography or illustration. It serves to let you control and extend or constrain directions in your artwork. It has over the years assumed a prominent place as being symbolic of artistic control and modernity. It helps to avoid vagueness in your illustration and serves as a support system to achieve the same.

  1. Remember the context in terms of the audience

Beginner illustrations often mind their beautiful and trendy work which follow the latest styles and trends of the field to be unable to resonate with the audience. This is because most adopt the wrong way. The thing for illustrators is to start from scratch each and every time. When you start to restrict your impulses in order to appeal to the target audience more something opposite occurs you get new ideas that help you break the pattern and then you are free to add the artistic bells and whistles of your choice.

  1. Go ahead, experiment!

It is worthwhile to let yourself develop your own illustration style staying away from trends is the need be. There is something masterful about knowing all the rules and even more deeply knowing when to break them.

Then last advice to be followed for illustrators in this post is not to don’t judge yourself too harshly and enjoy the pleasure you get by doing artwork for this great profession.

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