The top 7 Social Media Marketing Trends to make way in 2019

Date 07 Feb 2019
Posted in Social Media

Well by now, we are all aware of the role that social media plays when it comes to acing its impact on your business strategy. If your business does not exist on the social media, then you are probably growing difficulties for your own business in the upcoming times. However, we are all aware that social media in an ever-evolving platform and if you are dealing a lot with the social media in your course of action then it is probably very hard to understand where the game of social media is heading towards.

Well here we are going to break down to you a few of the social media trends that are predicted to stay at the top in the year of 2019.

Augmented Reality:

Augmented Reality slowly trying to grab the focus towards itself in small ways, but it is kind of leaving a significant impact that tends to last for a longer period of time in the near future. In fact, it is predicted that the virtual reality markets and the augmented reality markets will surpass a gross of $298 billion by 2023.

A few of the applications have the names of the sponsors in the corner of the screen, and with the help of the same people can create own of their geo-filter. Marketers who are a part of the social media marketing team can have an access advantage of these features and make their brand more visible to the users. Also they can keep in consideration that this trend might be followed by other social media platforms and so they need to make the best out of it.

Focus on Generation Z:

Generation Z has made its way to the work force, which shows that they have the money to invest on various things. Marketer today intend to target the new generation which can be considered a smart move keeping in mind the evolving social media game. Let us take into consideration the retail businesses. They are offering a wide range of apparels that offer a huge variety in themselves. They are also coming up with pop-up stores and hosting events that offer more of customized and intimate experience to the customer. The reason of this is that the stores and events are so popular and are designed with an idea of being shared on social media. This generation is surrounded by technological which makes them fit for the social media marketing.


Video content in todays date continues to be the most dominant medium on the social media platform. Instagram imitated the snapchat while it brought the options of stories for its platform. According to a research, around 200 million Instagram users use Instagram stories each month. This brings Instagram to a point of focus when you think of social media marketing and should make the best out of it.

By marking one's presence on the major of the social media platforms, the marketer have an advantage as the video platforms tend to give a personalized experience to the customers.

Messaging Apps:

Like the video platform of marketing, messenger applications and chat-bots are one of the channels through which a customer can reach out to a business and vice versa. We all today are aware of the fact that it is very easy to get in touch with businesses through the messenger on the Facebook. This aspect holds a huge importance as customers who are online on Facebook always do not intend to buy something.      

Moreover, messaging apps and chat bots are kind of the newest way invented to generate the more and more engagement for your brand. Businesses can easily reach out to their prospective through this means.

Live Streaming:

Live Streaming videos are one of those means that bring your brand to a next level. Instead of recording videos and investing much more time and money in editing them, the easiest way possible is that you can go live through your social media platform. This will not only allow the customers to know what is happening behind the scenes, it will also bring them to authentic content as the video that appears on the platform is being recorded live.

Influencer Marketing:

When you reach out to influencers, you are indirectly reaching out to a set of people who come off to be very normal as the layman, and everyday people who will promote your product or service. Speaking of the influencer marketing, your brand can achieve a lot of awareness on the basis of the content that is put by them and it relates to the majority of the people out there. Influencers are the people who are trusted by the layman and this fact goes a long way in the market, specially in the one where customer hesitate to put in their trust.

User-Generated Content:

User Generated content is the one that is developed by the unpaid sources foe the business and businesses can use them to promote their products or services. This kind of content comes in the form of photos, videos, or comic content (meme). Adapting this idea is of a great use as it tends to keep the customer engaged to your content. Largely, this can be the resulting factor why the visitor would to visit your website again at certain interval of time to consume the variety of the content that you serve to them.


Social Media Marketing trends in the past year were majorly catered in order to give a personalized and a customized experience to the consumer. Business today are aware of the fact that they are the navigator for the people and they guide them to their concerned product or service. In short, Social Media can help the business connect to the customer really quick to build trust and a transparent relation between the two parties. We hope that the above mentioned details are of a great to you in the year of 2019.

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