The Pros and Cons of Social Media Marketing

Date 19 Jun 2017
Posted in Social Media

Today social media is almost like a precondition in the marketing mix of the modern businessperson. With a whole flurry of advantages, social media marketing has always attracted acceptors right from its inception. Yet, it would be foolish to invest time and money in it, without completely understanding its disadvantages. So we’ve listed out a few pros and cons of social media marketing before you jump onto the bandwagon.


  • Costs Less

Setting up business profiles on almost all social media sites is completely free. This reduces any barrier to entry for the marketer who wants to interact with billions of social media users. Still, you do have to invest money if you’d like to start an advertising campaign, yet it becomes cost-effective as the reach is phenomenal.  

  • Encourages Engagement

Social media networks are armed with multiple tools and features that enable users and businesses to post interesting content such as articles, photographs and videos and in turn, receive real time feedback. Every message from a brand is then guaranteed of engagement in the form of views. likes and comments.

  • Fosters Strong Bonds

Brand loyalty is probably the most coveted result for any marketer. To generate it though, a brand is required to stay in regular touch with the customer. Social media enables this with opportunity for real-time updates and personalized interaction.

  • Easier Customer Service

You can tweet a complaint or you can post about an issue on Facebook ; social media provides numerous channels for quick redressal of complaints. A brand can then point out any serious problems and also ensure that customer satisfaction is not compromised.


  • Takes up too much time

Setting up a business page/profile is just the beginning. You need to spend many hours simply maintaining the page, replying to comments and putting up timely updates. It sounds easy, but can get tiring if you want to maintain good quality interaction.

  • Too many negative users

Since social media is primarily a two-way platform, one can rarely control what the feedback or comments are going to be like. Negative users, trolls or haters can be a bane to most marketers and can sometimes tarnish the brand’s reputation forever.

  • Can be disastrous

Marketers pray that their content goes viral and it proves beneficial to the brand. However, sometimes the opposite can happen and it goes viral in a negative way. At that point, you just lose control over content being shared and the users you interact with.

  • ROI is unclear

Return on Investment or ROI is hard to calculate with social media. Most marketers struggle with the parameter even today and therefore find it difficult to define tangible results for their campaign.

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