The Future Of Print Media In India

Date 20 Jun 2019
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If the global trends are anything to go by, digital media has put into threat the very existence of their print counterparts. However, India is an exception to this global trend. In India, not only does print media seem to hold its sway but also grow and that too at an impressive rate.

The Growth of Print Media in The Recent Past

According to the figures provided by the Audit Bureau of Circulation from in the ten-year period of 2006 to 2016, print media presented an impressive growth of 60%. This piece of statistics is in contradiction with every major global economy where the print is on the decline due to the onslaught of the digital. Perhaps the key to this riddle lies in the social-political structure of India, but that again is the topic of another blog.

Projected Growth of Print

According to the projections of Business line print would continue to grow in the 2017-2020 period though its market share in the overall media category would indeed be diminishing. Nevertheless, this projected growth of print is likely to face a stumbling block in the form of increased access to digital media through the almost exponential rate of growth of smart phone adoption. This when considered together with the increasing availability of fast Internet data access means that digital media is all poised to get a stronger foothold in the Indian market. To make things worse for print, the prices of raw materials essential to the medium are also on the rise.

This coupled with the Internet penetration across India would ease the access to digital news even in the remotest villages of India. The parallel disruption in the telecom sector would bring fast data networks across the country at very affordable rates. Moreover, by 2022, the number of Internet users in rural India would surpass the urban Internet users.

The Way Forward For The Indian Print Media

According to experts, print is all poised to grow for the coming three to five years. This growth can be attributed largely to its loyal user base. But considering the young demographic of India and the low popularity of the print media among this section of people translates to a diminishing user base of the medium.

Our Advice To Businesses

Before you call your print, graphic design agency and cancel that project concerning brochure design in Ahmedabad, it would be worthwhile to keep in mind that for effective marketing reach a synthesis of a good print, and digital media strategy is crucial. Print still quite important and the command of physical marketing collateral over user attention is significant.

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