Social Media Images – How to Make Them Social

Date 19 Dec 2017
Posted in Social Media

At GR Imagine, we’ve broken down some of the aspects of creating social media images to give them a clear sense of purpose – communicating the right things to their audience. There are many elements to an image and it’s only fair we give each of them the due it deserves. Check out our infographic to learn more! 

Social Media Infographic


Humans are highly visual beings

There are millions of visual neurons in our brains as opposed to a lesser amount related to touch, smell and hearing. 

We see to believe

  • Visuals are important tools to convey ideas, information and belief systems.
  • Visuals through repetition and consistency create cultures.
  • Visuals should never be underestimated. 


Social and visual media

  • Social media images are not to be taken lightly.
  • Highly visual beings like us may not realise this, but each image contributes to the brand image that we create in our head.
  • Friendly or exclusive?
  • Fun or formal? 


Images convey feelings

  • From color to balance, contrast to formations, typography to hierarchy of elements.
  • Each of these aspects contributes to a feeling that a person is supposed to experience. 


Lets look at each aspect


  • Red for passion, blue for cool, green for environment.
  • Colors can tell their stories and set the tone of the communication



  • A balance of shapes and sizes gives the audience a sense of
  • Harmony (Calm and composed)
  • PURPOSEFUL tension (Why is it so?)



  • We hardly notice them but they guide the eyes.
  • Straight lines and edges – Organised, neat, almost ‘sectional’
  • Curved Lines and movement – Soft, fun, point in a direction



  • Each font can represent a type of statement
  • Business-like, timeless, casual, old-school, retro etc
  • Don’t have too many typefaces – one cannot have too many tones 



  • Intentional weightage
  • By colors, shape and sizes
  • What is the story here? What should a person look at first and why? 



  • Some elements are scattered while the others are grouped.
  • Scattered – Sense of vastness, randomness
  • Grouped – Shows there’s a pattern, keeps things neat, brings more focus 



  • What should a person see first?
  • The text, the visual or the brand?
  • No element should fight for the spotlight.
  • There should be order if you want to tell a clear story. 



  • Familiarity breeds likeabilty.
  • You cannot change with every image or post.
  • Keep the font, color scheme and tone consistent.
  • The more people know you, the more they will be comfortable around the brand 


Keep it simple

  • Every image has a sole objective.
  • Find it and base your elements around it.
  • Too much means too little most of the times.


Still need help with your social media images? Get in touch with us at GR Imagine and lets see what wonders we can do together!

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