Social Media Graphic Design Tips

Date 06 Dec 2018
Posted in Social Media

Marketing a business on social media works very well for one good reason. The reason stands to be the platform where everyone is present. But everyone consists of marketers, audiences and competitors. Presence of all these three aspects on a single platform, the choices of all your audiences will be overpowered by the advertisements from those of the competitors. So standing apart from the competition is an obvious thing. There are trends that are emerging day by day and you can engage your followers.

Below are a few trends that one must follow on Social Media:

  • Using bold and bright colors: The brands and designers today have taken a shift from the minimalist designs trends that are on fire from the past years. And bright color schemes are on fire these days. They represent the boldness of the brand. Companies today continue to grow, and they have started re-branding with a ton of unique and vibrant color schemes that will help them stand out of the crowd, rather than sticking to one. Over the past years, brands have fully embraced bold and bright colors across all of their brandings.
  • Use Icons to Illustrate Concepts: Using icons in your social media graphic make it look great. It helps in easily understanding the concepts. Combining the eye-catching icons with a bold background color to create a fun and a modern social media graphic is in trend. Icons create a clear focal point that draws attention of the viewer.
  • Create Unique Illustrations: Creating original illustrations can create a positive impact on the viewers. Adding some extra effort to create illustrations gives an added advantage that your images or designs cannot be copied. It gives a touch of originality to your designs. Also today illustrated social media graphics have taken over social media lately.
  • Visualize Data with Charts and Infographics: It is one of the most unique and versatile types of social media graphics, the company can create a graph or image to go along. When you create graphics and make the data look presentable, it allows you to visualize information in an engaging and an easily understandable manner.
  • Make text the focus of the design: Using typography in your graphic design is what you can focus on at this point of time. Writing slogans in loud, decorative font and combine it with an icon or an original photo for a design with impact. Also the graphic should be well designed and easy to read from every device on which the website is being operated. Each part of the graphic can be utilized to grab the attention of someone going through a feed.
  • Use pre-made social media templates to get you started: One way that you can upgrade your social media graphics is by starting to create templates in bulk amount that you can whenever required. This trick is great for someone who is a beginner and not a trained designer, or does not have enough time to create something that is unique for each and every post. Pre-made templates come in handy when
  • Create Custom GIFs and Cinemagraph: GIFS are little helpers that the online world uses to communicate visually with the world. Major of the GIFs are made from the movie, TV shows or videos that carry some relevance with the day to day trends. The GIFs are very simple, with a few moving parts, and are visually appealing at the same time.
  • Incorporate your branding into your design: The simplest social media graphic design tip that one needs to keep in mind is the brand your graphics. Even if you are not very familiar with the design basics, you can incorporate your logo or brand colors in the graphic that you may use for the social media. Also always make it a point to keep your designs minimalist. They create a sense of consistency between the viewers.



There is various numbers of people out there who use same stock images. While you use the same image, the boost that you should receive for using the images in your blog vanishes. Using the same images also will create a negative impact as the viewers would have come across the images various number of times. But if you follow the tips that are mentioned in the article, you are bound to create the graphics that will grab the attention of the audience.  

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