Pro Steps to Optimize Your Blog for SEO - Part 2

Date 27 Aug 2019
Posted in SEO
  1. Make sure you get your link structure right

People are able to locate your blog and all the content it has through permalinks. It should be noted that permalinks or the link structure typically in WordPress installations have two parts- the root and the extension. The aim should be to match the URL with the keyword you want to rank for. It should be kept in mind that changing link URLs will break backlinks acquired by the earlier link structure. So, be careful!

  1. Get going on Webmaster Tools

Adding your blog to the Search Console of Google is really no hard work. Doing this will help you see your site from the viewpoint of Google. It contains data about your site like its search result appearance, the position it ranks for search terms, the number of people clicking on your links and so on and so forth.

The information provided to you by Google is of utmost value as it takes guesswork out of the equation and you get quality insights into how Google views and treat the different aspects of the blog. Admittedly the Search Console leading curve isn’t idiot friendly but it isn't that hard either. You will soon get the feel of things.

  1. Commenting on other blogs

For quite some time when somebody would speak of SEO strategy what he or she would imply was blog commenting on authority blogs. It gives the benefits of more exposure and traffic besides earning you a backlink as well. Some of the blogs out there will let you use fictitious usernames as they give you the option of choosing target anchor text. But in the majority of authority blogs out there, a real name is necessary.

  1. Take care to develop your social media profiles

These days social media are important for not only traffic but for SEO purposes as well. This is due to the fact that Google uses the popularity of a content post in social media as a ranking factor. It means Google sees a content piece that gets many shares, tweets and likes then Google figures its authoritative and relevant. The best way to spread your content on social is by creating content that absolutely rocks. You should start doing these things for your social media profiles with SEO in mind:

Tweet niche bigwigs- You can try to start off a rapport with the niche authorities in your field by tweeting them on Twitter. After some time, you are likely to find your great content being retweeted by them.

Make your social media profile a platform for unique content- It is important to have some little amount of unique content at least for your social media profiles. It will do your digital marketing strategy a world of good if you think of the profiles as a separate resource.

Share content posted by other people- Remember the golden adage of reciprocity? Well, it holds good when it comes to sharing content from other bloggers in your niche as well.

  1. Properly use SEO plugins

SEO is made quite simple by some of the better WordPress plugins out there. One good recommendation is the all-in-one SEO pack which helps you in settling the minute details that require the use of SEO craft like descriptions, titles and their like. You also want a plugin akin to Google sitemaps that enables you to generate and submit sitemaps to Google which then has an overview of the structure of your site.

  1. Get intimately acquainted with Moz

For many digital marketers out there including industry-leading seasoned pros the best resource for SEO related material is Moz.

  1. Do proper keyword research

Researching the proper keywords is an absolutely necessary on-page optimization technique. It is highly likely that you are when creating content adding keywords naturally without even realizing the same. But with the help of keyword research tools and techniques, you will find a way more efficient list of keywords for your blog post. You can make use of tools like Google Keywords Planner and SEMrush I this. With such tools not only do you get to know of the best keywords for your post but also spy on your completion and find the targeted search terms that are using to draw maximum traffic to their site.

  1. Make sure your post uses keywords throughout

Once you have selected the keyword list its time for you to place them in such a way that it will be of maximum SEO help. But remember to keep the content meaningful for humans. Try to include the keywords in things like:

  • Headings and subheadings
  • Titles
  • The very first sentence
  • The last paragraph
  • The anchor text
  • Meta descriptions
  • Title tags

However, always make it a point not stuff your content with keywords as this will adversely affect your SEO efforts and get penalized by Google in addition to making the content useless or worse still irritating for the reader.

  1. Optimize images

It is a clever idea to name the image files according to the targeted keyword when you are uploading an image to your blog. Also, be mindful that you fill up the alternate text and the description of the image.

  1. Make blog subscription super easy

A reader should always be able to subscribe to your blog with the utmost ease. So, it is definitely a good idea to place Feed or RSS Subscription buttons on prominent places on your blog along with the functionality of receiving intimations of new blog posts on their email without actually having to come to your site.

This has been a long and heady post. Though things may sound complex and hard to grasp at first, with the time you are on your way to marketing your blog like a real pro.

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