Pro Steps to Optimize Your Blog for SEO - Part 1

Date 16 Aug 2019
Posted in SEO

So, you have a blog and you also realize some of the benefits a business blog confers on your website. But the sad fact is that most of the blogs out there rarely fully exploit the marketing potential of the content they post. This is somewhat understandable as some of the pro ways to maximize marketing efficiency and visibility is best carried by a professional digital marketing company in Ahmedabad.

There is exactly no acute shortage of blogs out there in the blogosphere of the internet. But still, as recently found out through a study nearly 65% of the owners of the businesses which have blogs had not updated or posted anything for over a year! So, what use does such blogs have to 60% of the business which does have blogs? They forget the essential mantra of blog marketing nirvana- post fresh, exciting and relevant content. This however needs to be chugged along with varying degrees of optimizing the blog posts.

Before we come to know of these pro and newbie techniques let us first gain a very basic understanding of the mechanism through which SEO for Google works. Google ranks the various web pages on its search engines for relevant search terms through the use of algorithms. These programs have spiders to crawl all over the internet and get the latest information on the numerous indicators of a blog that determines in the eyes of Google whether it is valuable or simply Alice of trash. Happy spiders mean happy Google and good rankings. The methodology might sound like its easy which it is anything but. The field is undergoing a constant change which is best mediated by professional experts. However there indeed have been a number of constants that have help importance throughout the history of SEO for Google.

  1. Get your own domain and hosting
    If you are unacquainted with how Google and SEO things work, you might be tempted to think that a free blog setup is as good as content posted on websites that have their own domain as well as a web host. But sadly, the reality is far from that naïve idealism. Firstly, it is a very common conception that business really serious about their blogs will host them on a website with a domain which reflects their name or nature of business. And that usually requires some kind of web hosting account. Google is quite determined to send its users only to trustworthy websites who are serious about their content. This is one of the very basic signals or indicators that spiders look for. In fact, it is recommended that all bloggers have their own domain and hosting right from day one.
  2. Content that Cures
    You should never lose sight of the fact that the whole purpose of Googles spiders is to provide searchers with useful and relevant search results to the terms these users queried on Google. As a matter of fact, the best SEO technique is creating content that cures or rather solves an important problem faced by many people. If they are useful and people are indeed searching for them chances are high that there will be a good number of shares on social media which in turn will push up your rankings. Content is not a too specific world and besides blog posts can encompass things like:
    Images- The best images for your blog are the ones that have been specially and specifically created to be posted on your blog.
    Videos- Making videos is getting easier by the day. There are a lot of advantages to video content. Not only is it highly engaging and draws more shares but also helps your blog acquire traffic or viewers and links from sites like YouTube. Videos work like a dream for mobile devices too.
    Podcasts- Just in case you are not in the know iTunes is one of the biggest as well as most popular platforms for audio content. Podcasts are one of the biggest audio content draws.
    Plugins & tools- One cannot overemphasize the importance of original tools in ranking your website on top of Google search results. Google is absolutely in love with the idea of the utility of tools and plugins in the lives of its users.
    What you are basically trying to do is growing a relationship with your target audience by helping them. This is a proved and time-tested way to get more shares as well as rank high on SERPs fact. Keep in mind that you should always try to create content that unique and different from your competitors
    But you also want to make sure that the content that you are producing is different in some way. If you take a look at the front page of Google, you’ll see that all the results are slightly different, and you need to try and cater to that.
  3. Natural Back link Profile Creation
    If you have at least a basic familiarity with SEO you have heard about backlinks and what makes them so important, we guess. For those who don’t the term backlink simply refers to a link to your site from another site. Please note that all backlinks are in no way equal. There are plenty of tools out there for digital marketers that will give you comprehensive information about who is linking to your site and who is linking to selected sites you consider to be your competitors.
    These tips will help you a lot in creating a backlink profile which will steer you upwards in the Search Engine Results Pages or SERPs:
    Don’t buy links- Do you know that old joke in SEO circles about an SEO head who bought millions of dollars of backlinks hoping to rank his site really high and instead got the site banned from Google? Not only is the joke true but it also teaches us the valuable lesson of not buying backlinks as in SEO it can do way more harm than good.
    The linking site matters a lot- The source of the link is a vital and determining factor that goes a long way in deciding the value of the link. Try to get backlinks from old domains that have been here on the net for quite a while and itself enjoys good rankings. Another important thing about backlinks is that .edu and .gov links can do absolute wonders for your SEO efforts and a single one can positively affect more Google rankings than hundreds of backlinks from other normal sites.
    Anchor text is terribly important- For the uninitiated anchor text simply refers to the words which serve as the link. Earlier people would try to make the anchor text match a targeted keyword but these days that practice is a thing of the past. The best strategy to adopt for the purpose of creating a good backlink profile is to create outstanding content and then post them on blogs of your niche. Remember to give a thought to links within your site linking one post to another which helps in link building efforts considerably too.
  4. Make sure the theme is optimized for SEO
    This is a topic that would call the attention of over half a dozen blog posts in itself. Theme optimization or rather optimizing the structure and presentation of content is part of on-site optimization or things that you can do on your site itself to rank better. This helps as Google thinks that your site is reliable, and spiders can easily crawl it to find the great content you have posted. This site structure optimization includes things like:
    Responsive designs- These days a wide variety of devices are used by netizens to access their favourite resource. You should be aware that Google gives special attention to sites that work well on mobiles.
    Clean coding- It is important for you to realize how important it is for your theme to have clean code. They can be easily read by Google’s spiders which return back reassured that the site features all the proper elements needed.
    It loads fast- User experience is crucial in determining the success of your blog. One of the main hiccups of many good sites has been its loading speeds. Fast loading times are a great advantage as most net users tend to leave the site altogether if it takes even a little more while to load. Cache plugins are of great help in speeding up the load speed of your site.
    Domain with SSL encryption- Google has clearly stated that in case two websites have equal value and one has SSL and the other doesn’t, the former will rank higher. Not only that people tend to trust websites more especially while shopping where they see the SSL indicator.
    Make sure your theme is original- This is perhaps a debatable factor but nonetheless it is our strong conviction backed by years of experience that original themes that are totally different from anything else out there do better than the standard vanilla implementation of common themes. Such bespoke designs also come with a variety of other advantages.
    Ban broken links- Ensure that your site is absolutely bereft of broken links and the navigation is not only functional but super smooth as well. Remember themes that are well designed will help you in conveying your brand message and presenting it in a better way. If you can carve out a distinct identity for your website which is unique and different from your competitors, it will do you a world of good as people tend to associate particular feelings with sites.

to be continued...

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