Pinterest or Instagram: Which one to go with for your business?

Date 13 Nov 2017
Posted in Social Media

Pintrest imgPinterest and Instagram are the world’s biggest image-centric social media platforms. While Instagram boasts of 600 million users, Pinterest has about 200 million users who stay loyal to the platform. If you go by users alone, a social media marketing team may want to solely go with Instagram, but that’s not how social media works at all. It’s not about numbers, it more about relevance.

Narrow down your objectives

Being relevant to your audience is key when it comes to choosing a social media platform. Yet, relevance depends on the main objective of your marketing strategy. At GR Imagine, we first understand what the client wants to achieve with their social media campaign and then suggest between the two. However, it’s not necessarily always a choice they have to make, sometimes both Pinterest and Instagram can contribute to the campaign. Let’s see how.

Pinterest and Instagram: Same but different

Of course, the biggest similarity between the two platforms is that they are extremely visual. Users can comment on the pictures and choose to follow other users. They can then go ahead and upload their own images and have people like them and comment on them.

The differences are considerable and mostly the reasons why users get on to the sites. These reasons are a result of the defining features in each of the platforms.

GR Imagine on Pinterest

Instagram has filters to enhance images or create a story or theme around the image. Pinterest insists on high quality pictures and does not offer filters. That’s why users on Instagram usually are communicating a feeling behind a picture, whereas on Pinterest it’s not just feelings but the quality of the object shown in the picture. That’s why many brands use Pinterest to showcase their products, while brands use Instagram to drive in the sensory world of the brand. And because sensory worlds are so personal, a brand usually showcases its product or services through the eyes of an influencer.

GR Imagine on Instagram

An influencer is someone who has devoted followers on Instagram, The way he/she has built the following is by giving their visitors something to relate to or aspire to. They do this with images of themselves, of places they’ve been to or quotes they write to entertain and inspire. Instagram is a personal platform for expression and it’s made that obvious because of the lack in ability to upload posts through a browser on a desktop. The users get to see the lives of people through something as essential as their phones. And the images themselves can only be uploaded chronologically. It’s like we are watching their lives unfold.

 Pinterest gives you the freedom to upload images through your desktop and thematically.  This is because if you’re running a business, you want to be able to upload high quality and clear pictures, probably commissioned on a photo-shoot. Users come to Pinterest for research, to be able to collect images on their own boards and to be inspired visually. A user can upload pictures according to the themes of their boards and more importantly, pin other users’ pictures to fill up their own boards. This ‘pinning’ feature is very handy when you want to create a mood-board, or visual lists of things you’ve done or want to do or purchase.

Brands are on Pinterest so that when their images turn up after asearch, their each image has the potential to land on someone’s board or wishlist. It’s a direct entry into somebody’s consideration set. That’s why on Pinterest, users don’t show as much loyalty to another user, but to their own board.

As a brand, you need to ask yourself what is the objective of getting on to either of the platforms. If you’re looking to build a following and can supply content on a regular basis, we suggest Instagram. It has more number of users and a clever use of hashtags can help you reach the relevant consumers. If you’re looking to sell or showcase your products and services while users are already in the mindset to search for things related to you, we suggest Pinterest as it has the added advantage of linking to your site, which is not found in Instagram. If you have the time and money to invest in both, feel free to take advantage of each of their cool features.

Still confused about which one to go with, GR Imagine’s SMO team can help you out. Contact us and we will find a way for you to get all the Internet love you deserve.


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