On the Internet, The Little Moments Matter

Date 24 Aug 2017
Posted in PPC


Helping Brands Catch the Micro-moments

At GR Imagine, we know that digital marketing is not only about finding the consumer at the right place and right time, but also showing them the information they need at the moment. We’ve created this infographic to give brand-marketers an idea how they can identify these moments and make the most of them.


  • Multi-screen consumption has increased by 500%

  • To complete any task we move between all our devices 90% of the time

  • More Devices = More Time Online = More Opportunities for Brands

Catching the Moments Online That Matter

I-want-to-watch-moments             I-need-to-find-moments

I-want-to-do-moments                  I-need-to-buy-moments

Each Day x 3 Billion People x 12 of such moments (Avg)

All these moments every single day, give rise to ‘signals’.
Signals tell us the ‘context’ i.e. where (is the person), what (device are they using) when (are they using it)
But also ‘intent’ i.e why are they asking that particular thing

Context + Intent = Signal

Signal --> Marketers
Marketers can base their targeting strategy on these signals


Person A searches for ‘Chinese Food’ at 4 pm
Person B searches for ‘Chinese Food’ at 8pm

Person A is probably looking for recipes for Chinese Food.
Person B is probably hungry and looking for Chinese Restaurants.

How do we know this? See the time!

Person A will see recipes in search results. (Watch Video, See Recipe)
Person B will see restaurants near them in search results. (Call to Book, Directions from Current Location)

75% of online customers take action after seeing a message relevant to them.

Now Marketers Can Be this Relevant and target appropriately.

Making most of these moments:

a) Identify the moments
- Know the consumer journey/interaction to date
- Map inspiration moments or quick purchase moments
b) Be there at the right time and place
- Understand the ‘signals’
- Ask, what information would help this person the most right now?
c) Measure the moments
- Set metrics for every moment that you win
- Metrics can include awareness or sales
- Measure. Learn. Iterate.

Growing Example of Such Moments

Lets-Liven Up-Lunchtime
88% of all mobile searches are “near me” searches
People want to know what’s the fastest way to their food.

83% of travellers haven’t decided which airline, hotel or even place when they are researching
Time to find the right points in this online journey to inform them about your brand

Googling has almost become synonymous with ‘research’
Brand should present the right information, for people wanting to make no-compromise and informed decisions.

Ask yourself is our brand app helpful in daily tasks for the consumer?
Have we solved a problem or made something easier?

Sometimes after purchase you need to learn something more.
Or if it breaks you need to fix it and the brand can teach you how.

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