Made a Kickass Infographic? Now Let’s Make It a Quality Backlink

Date 30 Aug 2017
Posted in SEO


As you can see below, GR Imagine’s Content Marketing team loves making infographics. And through this infographic they want you to love this exciting combination of information and graphics as well!

Infographics are popular because they combine information with comprehensive graphics. The colours, the flow and the visuals make it easy to understand and quick to grasp.

What do you need for a kickass infographic?

Superb Design

Thorough Research

Promotion through the right channels

Brands are always searching for infographics.
The representation of insightful statistics and statements, backed by thorough research, makes brands or news agencies want to share them. Because it helps enhance or support whatever they want to promote in their article.

First time creating an infographic? Let us help.

a) Check out other infographics on your chosen topic

  • Find out what’s already out there.
  • See where you can fit in.
  • Change perspective or add new facts.
  • Definitely create something new and original.

b) Find a good designer

  • You have the content, now collaborate for design
  • Don’t have a designer? Many freelancer websites can help. – Fiverr, Dribble. Elance, Guru or UpWor
  • Don’t compromise on design. People will only view your infographic if it’s attractive.

c) Publish it

  • To earn backlinks you need to make it easy to share. For that create a ‘embed code’ using Siege Media Embed Code Generator and add to your code.
  • To share on social media, you can use this cool image sharer app from SumoMe, which gives shows users the tiny social media icons (on rollover) so that they are one click away from sharing.
  • Create an only-content version of the infographic so that Google doesn’t miss out on it for your SEO.

Promote. Promote. Promote.

a) On Social Media Accounts
This almost goes without saying!

b) Through Press Releases
Journalists follow press releases. They will pick it up if it works for them. Need press release websites?PRWeb, PR Leap, PR Newswire.

c) Through Infographic Directories
Yes, something like this exists and for a small fee you can submit it.

d) Through Bloggers and Influencers
Send emails to them. Ask them to check out your infographic. You never know who may want to promote it because it’s relevant to their field.

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