Link Building through Content Marketing

Date 13 Dec 2018
Posted in SEO

Link Building through Content Marketing

It might have come to your notice that many of the SEO guides focus on creating high-quality content and link building. It is obviously for good reasons: It is easy to build links of high quality as they get shared on further basis. Business and individuals look out for quality material to link and so their search for content that adds value to their information is always on. 

There is a big difference in creating informative content and making content that is simply stuffed with keywords and links. Type 1 content is the one that is bound to create engagement as people always look out for creative and new content. Certain times also type 2 content may generate more traffic if it has some technical content. Always make sure that your content is type 1 content so that you create engagement among the viewers. This will improve the traffic rate on your website and reduce the bounce rate.

What is link building?

Link building is when you can get the third-party websites or blogs to divert on your web page and further improve the rankings of search engine. These crawlers crawl in the web looking out for links between the web pages and other websites to decide the validity of your content, and where they need to rank you in their respective search results. Link building is a tough process and it goes harder as time passes.

For people who are running SEO campaigns, best approach that you can adopt to earn backlinks it through quality content marketing. The only way to generate links for your website is by creating content that is so interesting and engaging. Coming up with relevant and newsworthy content is bound to be picked up by the market and more content over the same will also be published.  The below mentioned are a few steps that one need s to keep in mind while creating content to enhance the process of link building.

  • Develop highly valuable Content: High quality content consists of well researched and accurate details, highly valuable information or details that are designed for your target audience, supplemented with images and graphs. The foremost thing that you need to do is start with detailed research. After the results of the research are generated, you need to frame the content and find out the missing information. Take time to analysis and create a unique concept to take the subject. The subject will act as a catalyst to generate curiosity among the customer and will bring in traffic to your website or blog.


  • Look for an opportunity to pitch the content: Not all the publishers have same taste. There are various hubs that generate content that is later picked up by other followers and is written over. There are various big hubs that are followed by the others. If your content is picked up and written over by any sites that have a great following, then it is almost assured that your content will be wide spread among the web.


  • Create and send content effectively: The final step that you arrive at after the arrival of perfect opportunity to publish your content is looking out for exposure. The more amount of people you reach with your content, the higher is the number of links that you may generate from them. The quickest way one can achieve exposure with your target audience is by simply sharing the details of your social media accounts. This way you are giving them a direct mode of communication to connect with you.


Summarizing the above article for you, creating content that is of highly linkable quality, that is valuable, accurate and according to the current facts and figures. Make sure that the content includes specific research and should be extracted from trustable resources. Always construct a social proof after the publishing your content. You can get a huge amount of exposure through social advertising and you can outreach to the people who share similar kind of content. By following these simple facts, you will be able to generate an epic piece of content that will drive a huge amount of traffic to your domain.

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