Is Facebook’s Relevance Score relevant to your business?

Date 13 Oct 2017
Posted in PPC, Social Media

As digital marketers, we have always been anxious about an ad’s performance. Whether on Google or on Facebook, the ad’s quality can determine the likelihood with which your target audience will see it and depending on the consequent result, will further lower your costs. This ad quality metric known as Quality Score on Google Adwords, is called Relevance Score for Facebook Business.

Understanding how Relevance Score works, will help you make the most optimal ads to reach your target audience on the social media network. Your creative and marketing teams can then determine which ads are working and which need to be dropped or changed. This saves you money and time when it comes to finding and wooing your potential customers.

How does Facebook calculate your Relevance Score?

As mentioned before, in simple terms the Relevance Score is the measure of quality or engagement of the ad. Yet, Relevance Score is not some kind of direct calculation of feedback of the ad’s actual performance (based on likes, comments, views etc.) The score is based on the expected feedback from the target audience. This means that after 500 impressions of the ad, Facebook will conclude the expected reaction from your potential customers and assign you a score. It’s an anticipated positive (desired action achieved) or negative (ad hidden or flagged) response that contributes to the score. The higher the Relevance Score on ten, the more positive the anticipated reaction will be, the more number of times the ad will be seen and the lower your costs.

However, even after a score of 10/10, there will be no need to be complacent. The scores are dynamic, so that advertisers keep changing the adverts over time. In fact, this very much keeps in line with Facebook’s policy of generating new and interesting content for its users.

How the Relevance Score will help plan your ad campaign?

The two most important factors that determine the score, is quality of the creative and the intelligence of your targeting.  The quality of creative depends on how aesthetically appealing your ad is. A great visual or great line, will grab the user’s attention and the ad’s offering should ideally solve their immediate problems. A good ad will do both of the above. And to know what works, you would need to know what the audience is like. That’s why it’s crucial to narrow down the audience. A generic selection of general groups will not increase your ad’s chances of being seen by your actual audience. If your product is pizza delivery in a city, choose the city, its areas, the age of the people that are likely to order and ‘foodies’, ‘pizzas’, ‘italiancuisine’  as general interest groups. The more relevant tags you can add to your audience, the more ‘Relevant’ your ad will be.  Additionally, when you see particular types of ads giving you higher relevance scores and conversions, look out for the trends and use those insights for the following set of ads.

Where to find your Relevance Score?

In your Facebook Business Manager, you will find an ‘Ads Tab’. Click on that and you will see a drop down menu. Select the Columns drop-down and you will see an option of ‘customise columns’. Click on that and search for ‘Relevance Score’. If don’t see one, your ad hasn’t yet received 500 impressions.

facebook relevance score

What other factors to keep in mind while understanding Relevance Scores?

According to Facebook, ads that are paid for have guaranteed delivery and don’t get affected by Relevance Scores. Another area where Relevance Score plays an insignificant role is when you are driving awareness. Since there is no conversion metric (like installation or signing up) and only serves as a boost in reach, the brand awareness campaign will not be affected by relevance score.
On another note, it’s also not guaranteed that two ads delivered to the same set of target customers will have more favourable results for the ad with a higher relevance score and lower bid. Yet, having a strong relevance score is always more advisable as it very efficient in driving results.

If you want to know more about FB’s business marketing tools, get in touch with our digital marketing team at GR Imagine, and we will be happy to show you how your brand can be taken to the next level on the social network.

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