Improve your User Experience with the Right Front End

Date 24 Jan 2019
Posted in Web Design

User Interface and User Experience are two terms that are commonly mistaken as if they are synonyms. The major difference between User interface and User Experience, UX is all about how the users experience the usage of a certain application or a web page while UI is the presentation of the look and how the application feels to be. Let us understand what is UX and UI in the terms of website designing.

UX design refers to the term User Experience Design, while UI stands for User Interface Design. Both the elements are very crucial to a product and they both function very closely. The roles of both of these aspects are quite different from each other, even if they are meant to complement each other. User Interface design is quite close to what one may refer to as graphic design, while the User Experience is more of analytical and technical field.

User Experience is one of the essential parts of designing and developing engaging website and great applications. Below stated are some of the most popular design trends in the past few years that have heavily impacted the integration of user experience of website design and application.

Minimalist Interface:
Minimalist designs are found in the peak since 2017. All in the minimalist design that is trending is minimal graphics, generous white spaces, and clean lines have turned out to be the most prominent features of the design applications and websites. One can predict that these trends will continue to be in rage in the upcoming times. Minimal designs always tend to attract the focus of the viewer on the content and supplements, and also it promotes clear visual communication.

While this feature is in trend, we can already make out that it lays emphasis on integrating the mechanics of the games in the environment that is non-gamer one. Such as learning and fitness application that monitor your progress and they encourage to continuous use of the same. Apart from displaying your mile stones and tracking your progress, they also challenge you to further goals, which are incorporates in the design. This kind of graphic integration aims to encourage more interaction between the application and the user.

Augmented Reality:
One of the most trends that we came across in the past year was Augmented Reality. We have seen this trend take over application and games. A lot more applications that are launched today are integrated with the concept of Augmented Reality. Augmented reality is a technology where an image generated on the computer imposes on the user’s view of the real world.

Virtual Reality:
Virtual reality is a very big hit when witnessed in the entertainment industry, may it be games or movies. Virtual space brings people into a space when they can do anything of their choices, the only limit is their imagination. Like augmented reality, virtual reality has extensive potential, especially when it is integrated with our daily lives.

Emotional connect:
Memes, vines, Hashtags and GIF are a few of the mediums that have establishes an emotional connect with the users. The user interface and experience are not limited to just aesthetics, convenience or ambiance. The designer’s today work to establish an emotional connect between the web page, or application and the user. This work form the designers ensures that the users experience emotional involvement with the application.

Functional animation:
Animation today no longer stands independent, but it has become a tool that enhances the look and the feel of the interface that is prepared by the designers for the users. The animation today simplifies and enhances the digital experience of the user, also it have become a very large part of the encouragement of the user engagement with the help of various interactions and micro-interactions that users conduct with their smart phone devices.

Applications and websites provide very less amount of static content because the machine learning and artificial intelligence is being applied more and more today in many aspects may it be product development and design or, application or website. Applications today are able to provide content that is based on the preferences and activities of the user. Also they provide content that is customized according to the preferences of the customer; also they are prepared according to the latest search by the user.

When User Interface is coupled with User experience, it can lead to very engaging websites and applications being built up. If you are creating an application or website by keeping in mind any one of these things then you may be missing upon the engagement that both of this when effectively can draw for your business. So you need to use user interface and user experience in a collaborated manner to make the best results possible.

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