How to Make Your Content SEO Friendly?

Date 22 Nov 2018
Posted in SEO

Being relatively new in the field of Digital Marketing, SEO content is what you would be listening in meetings happening around you. Let us give you a detailed knowledge of what SEO content means.

The below article is designed to answer the below mentioned questions.

  • Definition of SEO Content.
  • What are the types of SEO Content?
  • What is the SEO Content Marketing of our brand?

Defining SEO, the word refers to Search Engine Optimization, i.e. The process that a website undergoes so that users can find it very easily on search engines such as Google, Yahoo.

Now, when it comes to defining content, it means any information that exists in the internet and can be consumed. By combining these 2 concepts, we mark the goal of attracting traffic on the website.

Below mentioned are the factors that one needs to keep in mind while framing the SEO strategy.

Keyword Research:

If as a brand you intend to work on increasing traffic on your website, then you should adopt the practice of keyword search before you initiate writing. In this manner you can lay enough focus on keywords for which some amount of search volume already exists. In simpler terms, one can write about the topics that the users are looking forward to.

Keyword Optimization:

As a brand, you should know about where and how to use keywords in your content such that it will maximize the search ability.

Content Organization:

The content that is present on your website should be arranged in a logical manner. This will not only turn out helpful for SEO, but also it will help visitors to find related content on your website. The longer the users stay on your website, the better it will turn out for your brand.

Content Promotion:

As a brand, you must always take strategic steps to increase the visibility of your content. You can share the new content that is being developed by you on social network. Also you can attach the links, both internal and external links to direct people to your website.

Types of SEO Content:

Blog Posts:

A blog is one the easiest measured to adopt when you think of creating a regular stream of SEO content. Blog posts tend to more engaging and are more likely such that they can attract links to the pages of the products. Blogs are a great way to adapt if one aims at building some authority for the website. Always consider that blogs are very flexible to host on.


This kind of article is generally seen on newspapers, magazines etc.


List is one type of an article, but giving it title such as “5 ways for a perfect SEO strategy” makes it easy to get visible in the search results. Such titles also tent to attract the users to click on them when found on the internet or the social media.


A Guide is a long detailed content that gives the user idea about what how to do something. As a brand, you can come up with a post that is a guide to a process. Posting guides is an easy way to generate leads, but also keep it concerned that developing a registration wall on the content will drive away the amount of SEO traffic that your website is likely to generate.

How to develop a SEO Strategy for your brand?   

If you are creating content in a hush and posh manner, and you intend that such content will improve the rank of your website, then you are totally wrong. Rather it takes down the rank that you have managed to achieve. Below mentioned are the steps to concern for when framing a strategy.

Define your Goals:

Firstly, as a brand you need to decide what you want to achieve before you frame the strategy of achievement. Defining goals will make it easy for you to decide the measures to undertake while forming the plan. The goals that you set for your brand will decide the type of content that you should mainly concern.

Consider your audience:

While framing a strategy, always make sure that you keep in mind about your target market. The content that you develop should represent the visitors that you wish to attract. This is how you will cater to their demand and this will result in boosting your rank on the basis of your content. 

Create a calendar for publishing:

Once getting an idea about the goals and the plans, you need to frame an action plan.  In other words, you should have a clear idea of what you are going to present your target market. A calendar is a schedule that will decide what type of content will be published in what date.

Analyze and re-assess:

Now, the major task is analyzing the SEO content and check what affect it has on the pre-decided goals. Page views, links, comments etc can be considered as positive reaction on the content. Analysis can help you get a clear view of your strategies. Either you can repeat your strategies if they have had positive effect on the brand website, or You will have to carve time to rework on the strategy if it not giving the desired results.

Here is all the information that you need to create a SEO Content strategy. Follow them and initiate a growth on the website traffic.

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