How to Increase Followers to your LinkedIn Company Page?

Date 27 Jun 2019
Posted in Social Media

If you are looking forward to marketing your business, then by now you surely know that you simply cannot afford to miss out on the opportunities presented by social media. Considering the enormous clout commanded by LinkedIn in the space of career networking, the social platform is undoubtedly of high significance, more so for the B2B space. If you are the do-it-yourself type of entrepreneur and are looking to increasing the number of followers to your LinkedIn page, then the following easy growth hacks tips, which form part of the strategy arsenal of all good social media services in Ahmedabad should be of help.

Make sure that your company profile is complete

LinkedIn is not exactly a miser when it comes to the amount of company information it allows you to provide. Do yourself a favour and try to provide as much copy about your company as you possibly can. A quick tip in this is to remember to use the full name of your company as the LinkedIn page name. This will be of enormous use in increasing the visibility of your company page on Google Search Results.

Make use of your company page

This is an important tip missed by many businesses. So, you have a LinkedIn Company Page. Nevertheless, it is of little use if you don’t use it. Go ahead, ask the employees and freelancers associated with your company to specify that they are associated with your business. This helps to boost your follower count too in addition to enhanced business visibility as people who have listed your company as their workplaces becomes followers by default.

Make the most of other social media platforms

Your social media clout typically is in no way limited to LinkedIn. Go ahead and leverage it to your advantage by sharing your URL with fans and asking them to follow you on LinkedIn as well. Make sure you use an effective Call To Action button when you share your link as this may work wonders in the effectiveness of your post.

Add the LinkedIn Follow Button to your website and blog

 It is without doubt that your website is one of the key ingredients of the marketing mix fixed for your business. Make the most of the users that were visiting your blog and website and turn them to LinkedIn followers by using the LinkedIn follow button on those website pages. For optimum page performance, it is advisable to place this button at the footer of your webpage.

Engage in group conversations

LinkedIn groups tend to be usually quite active and are an effective means to boost your follower count. You can do this by engaging with other people on relevant conversations or starting a good, engaging conversation of your own. You need to be selective in the choice of groups you join and in this make sure that the relevancy and activeness of the group are the sole criterion which decides whether you do join them.

Include images in your page posts

It is not said that a picture can say more than a thousand words without reason. A good graphic to accompany your post provides a significant boost in the eyes of your company fans besides doing wonders for engagement.

Include page links in emails

By no means confine your page promotion activities to social media or your website. You should go ahead and include links to your page on email communications and newsletters as well. Try to ensure that you key clients and important visitors are your company page followers.

Place top priority on engagement with connections and followers

There is little you gain by acquiring more followers to your LinkedIn page if you don’t engage with your present set of connections and followers. You should at least make it a point to like, comment and share posts related to your area of activity in which these connections take an interest.

Make sure to include videos in your posts

It has been proved time and again that posts with accompanying videos get more amplification in the form of comments, likes and shares vis a vis posts with purely textual material or to a lesser extent in case of posts accompanied by simply a graphic.

Make it a point to share company news on your page

According to the folks at LinkedIn themselves, due to the nature of their social platform, many LinkedIn users are very keen on company news. You can only meet with success by addressing this interest of LinkedIn users.

Post regularly on your company page

 Research into the behaviour of LinkedIn users has found that frequently posting high-quality content on your company page results in more engagement with people who are already followers of your page besides adding to the count.

Optimize the quality and timing of posts

Make sure your content is relevant and appealing enough to warrant users to turn to followers. Once that initial step has been taken on part of the user or reader makes sure to keep them engaged. Another crucial thing to keep in mind is to post on weekdays at a time when users are most likely to be online using the social media platform. This will help you in ensuring that your posts have the highest possible reach and in turn more people taking the desired and actions and engaging with your posts.

Truly, the roads to Rome are many. And considering that you are an entrepreneur with perhaps a small in-house team, it is advisable that you turn over your social media marketing efforts at the hands of a capable digital marketing company in Ahmedabad. This will ensure that you get the maximum results out of the efforts you put in behind your company LinkedIn page. Good Luck!

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