How to effectively market your small business on Social Media ?

Date 31 Jan 2019
Posted in Social Media

Social Media Marketing today is not a luxury today but a standard that a small business can no longer afford to ignore. But today various digital marketing experts see this as a problem the small business owners tend to have a mentality that social  media marketing is of zero benefit to their business. Failing to have a social media marketing strategy that is effective for your business may cause harm to the reach of your small business. One may think that absence of social media marketing may not have any impact on the business today, but it may eventually be effecting on the non-visible front.

There may be various reason to exist on social media, but also there are a varied reasons why people may show interest in your social media profiles. Below mentioned are a few of them:

  1. They are curious about what are your product and services.
  2. You offer promotions.
  3. The content that your post on social media is entertaining.
  4. They wish to reach your brand for some purpose.
  5. Their near and dear ones are fond of your brand.

There are various tips and tricks mentioned below that can help you with the latest social media trends. Applying them to business strategies can be of a great help to you. Also if you are currently an active user of social media marketing, and do not see any effective results of the same, we will steer you towards to path of an successful strategy. Below mentioned are a few strategic steps that you need to ace the social media marketing strategy for businesses that wish to turn giants from small ones. Set yourself with the marketing tips for sustainable growth today and in future in the market.

Create profiles on multiple platforms:
A research study shows that small businesses make sure about their existence on different social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Before choosing any social media platform to exist, businesses need to understand who their target market is. Believe it or not, Facebook is the fastest growing social network since all these years. A platform where all your prospective customers tend to exist, Facebook is safe bet to play on.

Define your marketing goals:
After entering the social media platforms, you cannot just start posting on it without any kind of clue of what to post on. You need to figure out what are your marketing goals before the process. Small businesses generally use social media marketing for generating leads, building brand awareness and engaging customers.  But not necessary that you have these goals too. You can also use social media marketing in order to improvise on your customer services or directly bringing in sales. Any of these can be the reason behind the social media existence of your brand, but whatever it may be you need to figure out is the the stage one. This will help you draw an outline on your social media strategy and what is its major purpose. Once you define the purpose,it becomes easier for you to come up with content and new ideas for the posts.

Post Content on daily basis:
After existing on the Social Media platforms, and figuring out what are your marketing goals, we need to work towards making your social media presence active. If a person comes across your page, and finds no recent post that has been updated on your account, you are surely going to lose a prospective who had chances to follow you. What is the point of existing on social media platform if you do not intend to exist there. As a business, you need to post refreshing content that will appear on their timeline. A research study says that around 52% of small business post on daily basis on social  media platforms, 79% post weekly and 94% post it monthly. Also there are 6% businesses that post less often than monthly. From the above statistics, you can make sure that you have the opportunity to stand out of the league with daily social media posts on your account.

Give customers a reason to follow your business page:
In order to have a successful strategy to ruin the social media marketing platform of your company, you need to gain followers for your business. And if you are not successful in gaining followers then there are chances of loosing the visibility for your content. Once you gain followers on social media, it gets easier for you to convert them to your customers. Because a research study shows that people tend to make purchases from the brand that they follow on the social media.

Make social influencers a part of your social media strategy:
If someone told you that you can increase the reach of your brand page without making efforts to create engaging content.? Well of course you would love to. When people think of social media influencers, they think of them as celebrities, but of course hiring a celebrity is what will not fit our budget. So Influence Marketing is what will do the work for you. It is one of the fastest growing means for acquiring customer across the digital world. Opting influencer marketing as an approach, micro influencers have stronger engagement across the platforms.

Encourage user-generated content:
Posting content that is related to your target market can never go wrong for your business.  Content that is user generated is directly related to the buying decision of the consumer. The content that is prepared keeping in mind the users will help you generate brand awareness. This type of content is one of the trusted ways to generate more followers and turning them into your consecutive buyers.

A small business needs to use social media marketing in order to stay in the league of relevancy in the age of digital era. Just having existence across social media profiles is not enough. You need to update user generated content on daily basis in order to attract more followers and keep the chain in continuity. Also ensure that viewers find your profile appealing such that you derive engagement from it. And then you are all set to ace your social media marketing strategy. 

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