Graphic Design Trends to Follow in 2019

Date 13 Feb 2019
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In the wide spread area of digitalization, what makes us understand the world better are the designs and the trends that place us in time. For the designing year, this is going to be all about contradictions. Designing trends from conflicting era all all dying for attention.

If you are a designer or someone who is working with one, you need to stay on top of the trends that are on fire. No matter whatever the medium of designing is, it is necessary to understand the ever-evolving trends that will keep your work fresh and will retain your clients. Below we have mentioned a few picks for this year to keep your style informed.

3D design and typography:
3D dimensional work is what we see everywhere and on every design. Any designs that has 3D work in it is stand out. The best part about the 3D design is that there is nothing particular that would work for it. It is a mixture of bold, skinny, sans-serif, and any other font that can be displayed in a 3D format.

Apart from typography, what we see is a lot of beautifully rendered 3D composition that give an impact. In both things that we see, design and typography, the impact that they leave on the viewer is impeccable and viewer can not just take his eyes off the design. The world is taking a shift from the minimal fonts and using bold and hand-written fonts will make your design unique and eye-catching.

Asymmetrical Layouts:
In the past what we have witnessed in the design trends is that there were symmetrical designs and grids on the websites or any other platform. But today what we see is the trend of asymmetrical layouts. The dominance of the grid layout and symmetrical designs is perishing away and what we have truly entered is an era of asymmetrical layouts. This layout gives you a break from the rigid and the predicable designs that we have seen and it delivers a feeling of innate curiosity and demands attention.

Using vivid colors:
One may have notices that in recent times we have witnessed a more colorful world of design. Various bright colors, coral designs and other neon colors have been replacing the reserved colors from the past era. Many of the brands today are adding vivid colors to their pallet of websites or any other digital platform that they exist on. We believe that this shift towards pop colors is fighting for attention and aspires to bring in lot of engagement on the platform. Once big brands initiate the use of vivid colors, the smaller ones are bound to follow the trends to own a place in the market. Bold colors have been a trend and we can say that they are the driving force behind many of the design trends that we will see this year.

Light and Dark color Schemes:
It may have been witnessed by you that a few of the giant companies are making use of light and dark color combination on their website or application. They are embracing the light and dark color scheme across their presence. This trend of light and dark color scheme makes the interface more flexible, and give an impact, making it stand out of the million designs that exist on the platform.

More customized illustrations:
Over a few past years in this decade, we have witnesses designers taking a break from the cookie cutter graphics and making a shift towards more of customized icons and illustrations. The major advantage that a company or a brand will enjoy due to this trend is because they are very unique, and it will also help brands to differentiate themselves from those present in the clutter. Instead of using a boring image as an icon, one can make a hand drawn customized illustration that will help display something very unique and draw the attention of the viewer.

Designers today are breaking apart from following the rules of graphics and they pay major attention to creating their own set of rules. One can clearly witness this during the rise of the customized illustrations and icons.

In the past we have seen companies that made use of very few colors across any work relation to their branding or designing. The reason behind this used to be that usage of single or a few color would help the people recognize the brand on all the platforms.

But today we see that this tradition of design is on the verge of extinction and brands today are looking forward for new ways that will make them differentiate among the clutter of their competitive brands. In simple words, we can say that brands have become more flexible with the trial system that they wish to adapt new techniques to stand out and the biggest of it is playing with their graphics.


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