Google AdWords: Ace them now!

Date 07 Nov 2017
Posted in PPC

You’re constantly trying to figure out what works and what doesn’t when it comes to online advertising. Yes, there is always a fair bit of trial and error involved but approach it in the right manner and the chances of success will increase dramatically. At GR Imagine, our Google Adwords team follows a few quick steps to ensure we always put our best ‘word’ forward.

Google Adwords Infographics

Set Objectives
Are you creating brand awareness? Generating leads? Or e-commerce? This is important so that you know what features of your Google Ad words account will help you move towards achieving your goals.

Know your Target Audience
Get to know who you are advertising to. Their likes and dislikes. The sites they are most likely to browse. The device they use to browse on. Once you know a fair amount about your audience, you know where you can meet them with your ads.

Research Keywords
When you bid on keywords related to your business, your ad appears along with the search results. There are many keyword tools that help advertisers understand the numbers behind the keywords i.e. number of times they are searched, number of competitive bids per keyword.

Do some math
Don’t worry we aren’t asking you to go all nerdy. Just figure out how to optimise your budget so that most of it is devoted to keywords that convert at a high rate. If your cost per click still looks out of budget, go narrower and your cost is bound to decrease.

Organise your campaigns
Unlike traditional media it’s not just going to be one campaign doing one thing, there will be different campaigns centred around particular keywords to achieve specific objectives. Remember the internet lets you be relevant to a 18 year old to an 80 year old. Use that power.

Design great ads that lead you to greater landing pages
A person will see something relevant in your ad, click it and you would have achieved half your task. The next half is to make sure your landing page doesn’t confuse them and is a logical step forward from your ad. Never forget this.

Track Away and Test it Out
Track conversions using Google Adwords and Google Analytics and use the data generated to generate your remarketing lists. With this data, you can also conduct A/B testing.

Does this still go over your head? Contact our marketing team and we will guide your online marketing strategy so you can pay less per clicks and see more of your brand online.


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