Get Going in The Profit Path with GR Imagine

Date 16 Sep 2019
Posted in News

Are you a business looking forward to getting more leads and sales for your business? Are you wondering how to give a fresh lease of life to those stagnant sales graphs? Then look no further.

GR Imagine brings you the right path in terms of both the destination as well as the journey.

We feel happy to announce our fortnightly free seminars on how Digital Marketing can help you achieve all this and more.

In today’s world, it has become mandatory for businesses to have some sort of digital presence. Our free seminar gets you acquainted with the essentials of digital marketing and how your business stands to grow and prosper through this great marketing medium. The last seminar was held on 30th August and the next is scheduled to be held in just a couple of days. This 2-hour long seminar gets you going with:

  • Creation and management of Facebook events
  • How to make your team more aware of digital platforms
  • How your business stands to grow and benefit from digital marketing
  • The kind of upsurge of profits you can expect from the same

The event went off pretty nicely for all concerned and the enthusiasm among business owners for growth of their business was obvious from all kinds of questions being asked during the Q&A Session. Many attendees expressed their desire for better more informed marketing moves during the one-to-one discussions which followed.

The snacks and refreshments served after the event nicely rounded off a productive afternoon in search of better profits. Get going in the right direction with GR Imagine!

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