Colors and Brands: How Color Influences Our Choices

Date 14 Sep 2017
Posted in Web Design


Colors play a big role in our day-to-day lives. When we get dressed in the morning, we choose which Color to wear today. The car or bike we have bought is of a particular hue, because we chose that. The list of where Color has influenced our purchasing decisions is long. But today, GR Imagine’s Graphics design team will show you how Color also sub-consciously plays a role when interacting with a brand that we like or dislike for no particular reason. This will help you in deciding the Color pallet for your brand, website or any other promotional touch point.

More than 90% first look at the appearance of the product before finding out about the features.
- Sense of sight is strongest
- See Colors and proportions of the Colors
- 80% feel the Color helps in brand recognition
- See before we taste and touch.

Always leave a good first impression
- People decide whether they like something within 2 minutes of interacting with it
- Color plays a big role in this quick judgement
- Color helps them grasp the concept better

People react differently to Color
- 42% people read the same ad in Color as opposed to a monochromatic ad
- How we use a particular Color can set the mood
- Color can also support the brand personality

Red: Passion, Excitement, Love, Danger
Used by brands to:
Create a sense of urgency
Stimulate Excitement
Get noticed quickly
Increase appetite
Signal UnpredictableEntertainment

Yellow: Joy, Warmth, Focused, Fun
Used by brands to:
Showcase optimism
Grab Attention
Remind of Happy Days
Stimulate creativity

Blue: Cool, Peace, Productivity, Constant
Used by brands to:
Associate with productivity
Seem non-invasive
Signify user-friendliness
Create sense of financial stability or trust

Orange: Excitement, Warmth, Bright, Confidence
Used by brands to:
Grab Attention
Encourage action
Create a sense of fun
Signal Change

Green: Nature, Health, Wholesome, Friendliness
Used by brands to:
Signify hospitality
Represent natural and wholesome goodness
Create a sense of it’s ‘good-to-go’
Symbolise financial stability and trust

Purple: Luxury, Wealth, Success, Wisdom
Used by brands to:
Encourage indulgence
Showcase beauty and care
Stimulate imagination
Create a sense of calm

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