ASP.NET Core MVC 6 : Why we love it!

Date 24 Nov 2017
Posted in Web Development

At GR Imagine, our team of web developers has always believed in stalwarts of software development like Microsoft. And with every new version of software the belief only turns more into a truth to abide by. Microsoft launched .Net Framework way back in the 1990’s. The code has evolved to such a point now that it’s becoming tougher and tougher to have problems with it. In this infographic, we have tried to summarize their developmental journey from .NET to ASP.NET Core MVC 6 and why developers like us continue to be inspired and aided to make even better and more efficient web applications. 

 It all began with .NET…

.NET was a popular software development tool from late 1990’s 

Pro: Secure, good memory management, consistent

Con: No Cross-platform functionalities 

Then came .NET Core 

Solved .NET problem by providing a library that can be deployed over various platforms

Shipped by NuGet means one can ship a personalized version of the .NET Core Framework for specific application 

Microsoft unifies MVC, Web API and Web Pages in ASP.NET Core 

  • Codebase is the same as .NET Framework CLR
  • Runtime is delivered on NuGet
  • Lightweight & Testable Framework
  • Fully open source  


ASP.NET CORE MVC redefines Web Application Development 

X (We are here)


  • Simpler web development
  • Unifies capabilities of MVC and Web API
  • Greater Flexibility
  • Supports side-by-side app versioning
  • Utlizes NuGet Packages


Why we love ASP.NET Core MVC 6?  

Superior Cross-platform functionality

Platform independency allows developers to create a single application that can be run anywhere

Open-source simplies coding

Add flexibility to project development

Add libraries according to requirement 

Cloud Deployment is easier

Modular Architecture enhances deployment support 

Independent of hosting platform

Runs on web-servers other than IIS (Internet Information Services) 

More help from the new Tag Helpers

New feature allows participation of server-side code in rendering HTML elements

Define custom tags like <environment> or <label> 

Enhanced support for DI

Dependency Injection is wired in from beginning

Now lies in the basic core 

Test with

Visual Studio Unit Test framework has been replaced with xUnit .net

Better Unit-testing 

We are sure that there are even more improvements to come from Team Microsoft and we look forward to that.  If you want to create a web application and are looking for a team that works with the best in the business, then you can contact Team GR Imagine.


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