An Introduction to the Animations in Web Design

Date 11 Jan 2019
Posted in Web Design

Hearing the word animation, what comes to our minds us cartoon characters? Well today, animation is not limited to the cartoon characters. Touches of animation are popping everywhere, may it be full screen moving images or small hovering effects. Animation is something that is very trendy, fun and is user friendly. And the obstacles that we used to feel while using the animation have now fallen to the ground and destroyed.  Animations have become a practical and useful web design tool as majority of the user have an access to the high speed connections and they can easily create anything like simple movements, or funny GIFs, to several minutes of action etc.

Animation in web design:

Animation is applied when something still is brought to life, and it appears as if it is moving. The movement of the character follows the law of the physics. It is the way in which cartoon characters performs its movement.

We are starting to witness the usage of animation more and more with each passing day. We can see that we have stepped into the modern era of designing with frequent usage of animation. Today companies use small and simple animation in their websites. These animations are very engaging and the users may not even think of them as an animation. Heavily loaded animation can turn out to be more engaging visual that will attract the eyes of the customer. But if you start mixing up too many effects, then your animation can turn out to be a complete mess.

One thing that makes animation very trendy is the feel of realism that they provide to the user or viewer. While today we see graphics that have flat and minimal designs, views need something that can intrigue them to the maximum. Simple steps of the animation can guide the user without changing the aesthetic. It also helps to make the simple commands visually attractive. Animation creates a happy medium between the simplicity and usability.

One of the other factor that the trend of animation contributes to is that it allows access o tools on both the ends, i.e. back end and the user end. You do not to insert complicated animations always because there are innumerable ways in which simple animations are also very attractive and engaging.

Now, speaking of animation for the web, there are 2 types of categories that they fall in large and small animations. Large animations occupy a significant portion of the screen and also have the characteristics of a short movie. User need not perform any action in order to view the animation as they are generally in the form of the video.

Small animations are little bits that one inserts on its websites. These small elements contribute heavily to the overall aesthetic of the webpage, but are not the focus of the design.

When to use animation:

While every new trends enters the market, the primary question that arises is when and where to use it. Similar is the case for animation. Animation can be a great trick in the box of your design kit, but it cannot be used for every and any project. Animations are meant to be very seamless and smooth in their flow, and not mechanical. Many designers certain times combine the complex animation with a simple one to make it more effective.

The second reason why a web page or an application must use an animation is because it adds an aesthetic feel to your product and service. Animations act as a decoration to your core product. Animation can sometime ignite an interest in the user and keep him or her engaged at your site for a longer period of time. One indirect advantage of using an animation on your website is, since it is engaging you can reduce the bounce rate of your web page which will have a positive impact on the Google ranking.

While you create an animation, always keep in mind the purpose of its creation. Always think about the connect that you want to establish with the user. This will give you a clear idea of how you want your animation to work, if it is the fun effect or the surprising effect.


The thumb rule that you need to learn before starting the use of animation for your website is that Good animation enhances the user experience. This experience can be in any form, emotional connect, fun element, surprise element of positive experience or making your site user friendly. Animations are fun technique that are generally adapted by the developer or designers to standard more variety in their applications. We hope that the above article will give the 360 degree knowledge of how and when you should animation. Have fun animating different effects on your website.

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