A Day in the Life of a Graphic Designer

Date 15 Nov 2018
Posted in Social Media

The world is turning to a global village and is driven fast by technology. This fast emerging technical wave has taken down our lives and is surrounded by stress. And the only thing that can bust out our stress is art. Well speaking of art, the life of a graphic designer is surrounded by all forms of art. Ok... Well making it simpler for you… I envision art everywhere my eyes fall upon… May it be an alarm clock or a television or laptop or anything… Or maybe ... I can say that I always have a new perspective to look at all the things that might seem mediocre for the society to look at. I can spend hours looking at them and trying to find a new perspective about them.

My day starts at 5:00 am in the morning, too early to get up right..? Well I have to… up by 5:00 am and then I leave for some or the other physical exercise. I prefer not looking at my phone very early in the morning because it tends to influence my imagination. I prefer to have some physical activity in a garden or any place that can bring me to the nature. It refreshes my mind and gives me a new perspective to look at life. After a while I rush back home and finish my daily activities and leave for my work space.

I need to travel for about an hour to reach my work space and hence I get enough time to scroll down the internet and get myself updated to the trends. Being a graphic designer, there is not much to absorb from the internet. What can get you ahead is your unique and creative imagination but internet is of a great help when you need some influence for your thought process.

Reaching my work space, I find a new challenge every day. The challenge is again creating some graphic with out of the box thinking. Trust me..!! It is not an easy task to bring up something new every day with the same routine and the thinking pattern. You ought to change your thinking pattern and need killer analysis skills. My day passes by with my team, where I head them to the further task and help them for the same. Also I do attend client meetings once in a while to understand the clear perspective of their need. While in the afternoon, I spend some time on the internet trying to come with new idea and a concept for a campaign or so. Making creative graphic, scrolling the internet, staying up late in the office is all a normal routine for me when it comes to my work. But this is what I am very close to. Creativity gives me the power to breath and it is my duty to absorb the same.

So, this is all that do… Well now I need to run because I have got an amazing idea to put it on my paper and for you to observe it next… !!

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