7 Ways to Succeed With Instagram as a Business

Date 17 Jan 2019
Posted in Social Media

As a business, have you ever questioned yourself on how to increase your Instagram followers? If so, then you are at a place where these questions will be answered.

With more than around 300 millions active users, Instagram has turned out to be one of the most popular social platform for sharing visual content. Instagram is a powerful tool that is used by various business to display a visual story about themselves. Businesses across the globe have initiated the use of Instagram to improve their brand awareness and keep up with the digital media trends. As the users of the social media keep on demanding more of the visual content, businesses will have to make it a practice to publish photos on videos on a platform that will engage their target audience.

Brands today use Instagram as a medium to keep their customers updated on any upcoming events. Additionally, Instagram is also a excellent tool that can establish a brand identity and keep the customers in the loop about the company events. Below mentioned are a few tips and tricks that can be used to generate more revenue in the process.

• Focus more on creating high quality content:
A brand needs to prioritise the creation of high quality content above every other strategy. A research study shoes that image less that are posted on Instagram generate 23% of more engagement then of the Facebook, but the only condition that is applied here is that the content should be of a high standard. Also make sure that when you tell a story on your Instagram account, and when you create a strategy, always make sure that the image or the story features your products.

• Engage with the audience:
As a brand, when you are using Instagram as a platform, it is important to make time to engage with your audience. This aspect will make your customers feel valued, which increases the chances of them keeping a check on your future content, liking it or leaving a comment on the same. The easiest way that as a brand you can adopt to bring in more customer engagement is by responding to the comments that the users have left on your posts. Also answering the questions that they have left in the comment sections is one of the ways to derive more engagement. As a brand, you can also run some contests or ask them t do something that will attract more comments.

• Influencer Marketing:
At the current point of time, something that is a big trend is the influencer marketing, and Instagram makes it even more easy for the business to take advantage of the same. A campaign that influencer market involves is a requirement that you need to find out other Instagram accounts that willingly will accept payment from you in return for promoting your brand on the same platform. This kind of posting is generally done in the form of sponsored posts. With the help of influencer marketing, one brand can drive higher return on investment and general more traffic than before.

• Use Hashtags:
There are various number of features present on the Instagram that makes it a powerful tool for engaging with the customers. Hashtags, for example are an excellent means where one can follow conversations within their niche and discover customers who are interested in your brand. Using hashtags will help you find accounts that are already talking about your brand online and you can gain more followers.

• Share high quality images:
When it comes to posting images on the Instagram make sure that your images are of high quality rather than relying on the Instagram filters to make you image look beautiful. Also make sure that you don’t upload a heap of images on your Instagram account. 2 to 3 images per week will do the work for your brand.

• Instagram ads:
There are various users that are advertising on the Instagram, but there is always hope for the new users too. A brand can set up an Instagram ad campaign to boost its awareness and lead generation. Now advertisements that generate brand awareness tend to be different from the advertisements that are going to generate leads and sales. When people click on ads that are based on brand awareness, the might be directed to your Instagram account, so that they can follow and receive updates about the content that you will be posting in the near future. Now there are a set of advertisements that are designed to generate sales and hence they tend to be direct in nature. Such ads focus on certain product or service, the description of the product is mention so that to make the price and the benefits of the product very clear.

• Run Contests:
Contests are another way in which your business can derive success on Instagram. Running contests on this platform will help you improve the level go engagement and it will also give you a chance to rewards all your followers. There are various kind of contents that you can run, such as a giveaway, or asking for a caption, or asking them to upload a photo of them using your product and the best photo receives a prize. If this contest is excited properly, they have the ability to be widely shared increasing your engagement to a next level.

It is always ok if you struggle to begin with because that is normal and expected. But once after reading the above article on social media optimization, you are all set to increase the engagement on your Instagram profile and also ace at making your account unique from those of your competitors.

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