5 Big Reasons to Keep Your WordPress Updated

Date 20 Nov 2017
Posted in Web Development

WordPress powers more than one-fifth of the world’s websites. Those are incredible numbers for any open-source CMS. One of the biggest reasons for its popularity is that it’s free and is backed by a community of loyal developers, who want to help each other at all times. That’s why with every new release, bugs get identified and fixed, and features get added due to an understanding of the growing demand. We love WordPress at GR Imagine and work with our clients to develop their websites on this popular platform. However, because we code with it so much we know why it’s important to keep it updated at all times. Here are 5 big reasons.


No matter how big or small the website is, security is always something you need to consider seriously. The last thing anyone needs is becoming an easy target for hackers. Data theft, Ransomware are all realities we face in the cyber world, so making sure that you have the latest WordPress version is one step in the direction of protecting your business. With every new version, security is amped up by the developers. Similarly you need to keep the plug-ins updated as well, because those can also be hacked. However, apart from the malicious hackers you also have good hackers, who constantly test security so that they can study the cracks and build better fixes in the next update.

Wordpress security


Of course, each and every version comes with some awesome new features. These have been created keeping in mind the developers’ overall understanding of the internet’s landscape. Features like improved plug-in install or inline image editing have been introduced through various versions. Also, if you are using an older version of WordPress you won’t be able to enjoy the CMS as much as someone who’s downloaded the latest version. And when you sought help on the forums online, you will be left confused, as people would assume you already have the latest version.

wordpress features

 Performance Speed:

The faster your site runs, the better SEO it will have. We already know this because of various Google updates about speed being an important factor in SEO. So with the updated version feel free to assume that performance and speed would be enhanced through various fixes and features.

wordpress performance


What’s amazing about the digital medium is that it is constantly evolving. One can develop something and then keep fixing it to make better, more efficient and stronger. WordPress works on the same principle. It never began as perfect and it can never be. Through a number of bug fixes it just keeps getting better and faster. So even when there are those smaller updates that look like X.X.X, don’t ignore them and take the time out to update. You will only get the best version to date of your favourite CMS.

 Plug-In Compatibility:

Plug-ins are core elements to creating a good website. But even these plug-ins have their own updated versions. Now what usually happens is that the plug-in updates are timed with an overall WordPress new release. These plug-ins do not work on the older WordPress. So the most preferred option is to follow the best practices and coding standards when creating a website on WordPress. Sometimes a new updated version of WordPress can make your plugins dysfunctional.  It would be a good practice to keep regular WordPress backups.

 If you want to maximise the performance of your WordPress, take our advice and update it if you haven’t already. It may not seem important at the time, but keeping this discipline will help you in the long run. Now go make a fabulous WordPress website!

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